DIY MavMount for Air / Mini 2 controller

I bought a couple of tablet holders at around the £20 to £30 mark. I wasn’t impressed with the quality, specifically the wobble when using my Lenovo M10 10.3" tablet, despite being advertised to handle this size.

I was tempted by the MavMount as they seem to tick all the boxes regarding quality. But seem to cost around £80 with delivery from the States, and I am not sure given the current climate, shipping would be affected. So I decided to make my own from sourcing parts from Amazon.

The total price came to £59.96 delivered. It takes tablets between 120-233mm and does not wobble at all. Posting in case it helps anyone else :+1:t2:

Shopping List
  1. NICEYRIG Multi-purpose Cheese Plate @ £23.99

  2. SmallRig Ball Head Mount @ £15.99

  3. Tablet Tripod Mount Adapter @ £14.99

  4. Neoprene Washable Camera Strap @ £4.99


Nicely done!

Thanks for all the info :smiley:

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I do like cheese plate, like mechano for big boys toys

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Ah … them were the days, along with scalextric and eagle eyes :wink:


Great to see tested and reliable feedback instead of false feedbacks on Amazon sites atm, I kicked up a stinker with Amazon about a item I bought and buying my feedback before I even got to test the product and let’s say Amazon were quick to pay for my silence :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::scream:

Question what’s the balance like on this if your not using a lanyard for short periods of time.


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Fine so far. But I haven’t tested it much, as there is only so much flying one can do from the garden :wink:
I supposed that depends on the tablet, but mine 10.3" made out metal, so its no light thing. As you can see from the photos, it balances well without a lanyard (its actually a padded camera strap) - even with a large heavy tablet. And the ball head mount is quality, but after all, it is SmallRig … pucker kit.

One thing I did notice without the lanyard (with my 10.3"), is that if you shake the controller, the tablet pops out, as the 2 black rubber clamps which your phone normally sits on can’t retain the cheese board. But like I say, it depends on the tablet. With the lanyard it isn’t an issue.

  • 440 grams - my Lenovo FHD 10.3" tablet
  • 130 grams - cheese board
  • 86 grams - tablet mount adapter
  • 70 grams - ball head mount

  • 726 grams - with tablet
  • 286 grams - without tablet

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i bought this for £5.99 off ebay for my ipad mini - perfect…


Yes, I saw those, and was tempted. But really wanted to be able to tilt the tablet towards me.

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to be fair yours looks much cooler and i confess to being tempted but suspect fitting it in the flymore bag with everything else might be a challenge?

Yes, that would be a tight fit. I don’t use the fly more bag … I have a large camera bag to chuck it all in.