Diy Signal Booster

Seen very expensive signal boosters and cannot see how to justify the price for local flying.

All im looking is local to where I live but I live in dense spot with hills and lakes not wanting to fly stupid distance just want keep control of my bird up to 2k away which cannot ATM.

I saw this claiming 16dbi and watch videos and seems to work better than the fitted manufacturer antennas

eBay seller

Seen these also 10dbi and wee bit more expensive both look similar.

FPVLR Half Sphere Helix V3,

Is it possible you can simply get higher? that is going to get you better signal instantly without any need for modification :slight_smile:

i like to go low at times for a good shot but then loss of signal, i have been high LOS but get signal inteferance alot. done the FCC hack improves slightly.

just interested to get some info are these worth it.