DJI 2 Cinematic video - Chasewater


Fantastic video @JustMe loved it :smiley:


Great video, this is just the back of me

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Nice vid, just down the road from me.

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I agree nice video John - It’s also not far from me too, but you are even closer to me. I’m just down the road from you in Newinvention. We’ll have to get together with the drones sometime, maybe you can give me some pointers.

All the best - Graham

I retired yesterday, so I’m free every day now, if you let me know we can go to King Georges Park and have a blast about, or up to the Arboretum extension (less people).


Hi John,

I should have retired, but I haven’t yet, so I’ll let you know when I can get away from my desk for a Day. I really would like to meet another drone flyer so that I can ‘glean’ some info etc.

I’ll message you with my contact details etc :+1:

Ditto, just across the A5 from me, although not policing the OP, I believe Drones are actually frowned upon on Chasewater these days, the confusion stems from the steam railway having a policy that usually comes up first in any google search and the park rangers having a different point of view. There’s another thread somewhere, probably the DroneScene entry for it, discussing it due to Staffordshire council having a blanket ban from/on/over it’s land. Although the FOI request failed to produce an actual document so I would take it with a pinch of salt. But Chasewaters rangers will defiantly try to hunt you down if you do it doing busy hours.

These Midlands councils really do all hate us!

Cannock Chase is your best bet for open flying on park land with a council that currently doesn’t hate drones!

I can’t find a drone-banning bylaw for Lichfield District Council :thinking:

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The park management was transferred to Staffordshire in 2011. This is the problem with parks, the borough/district council don’t always manage them, and the bigger county council does.

It’s always worth double checking a park’s management with a quick google search before setting off.

Without wanting to turn this particular topic into a ‘take off from the road etc’ debate etc etc.

Although Staffordshire’s insistence you can’t fly over their land, let alone TOAL, is obviously questionable. Considering they quote CAA regs but fail to mention sub 250g drones. They probably need further educating.

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I live the back of chase water, couple of roads away, would love to know any safe TOAL areas

I used to live in Summerfield Road, Chasetown back of the Cottage of Content.

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PM you, couple of roads away then