DJI Air 2S Fly More, Strobon Cree lights, Care Refresh till 28th August, Hardly Used, As new condition - [SOLD]

Unfortunately my personal time is now very limited with 2 very young grandchildren with special needs needing our assistance, and a grown up son at home with similar issues - consequently I have reluctantly decided to sell my DJI Air 2S Fly More kit with extras.

I have always kept my kit in tip-top condition and the Air 2S is no exception. Since passing my A2 CofC and GVC last year (something to do during lockdown) the drone has hardy flown and I would suggest less than 25 hours in total. Never crashed or landed harshly it is is as new a condition as it could be and even comes with the plastic bags etc.

It was bought on 28th August 2021 and therefore has DJI Care Refresh until that date this year (just under 3 months). The original props are still on the craft and the seven remaining pairs are still in their unopened original plastic bags. The three batteries are numbered to assist with even use and come with three LiPo safe bags. The kit also includes Strobon Cree lights (one green and one red) together with two 3D printed holders for them to be attached to the drone’s legs. All manuals and cables are included in their original boxes inside the main box.

I have sold on here before (my Air 2 last summer) and received very kind feedback regarding the mint condition, etc. This Air 2S is no exception. On eBay these are going for between £775 and £900 (without the Strobon light, holders and LiPo cases) - I am looking for £815 by way of cash on collection from here just outside Bolton in the NW or bank transfer. If it doesn’t go within the next week or so I will reluctantly place it a EBay but at a higher price. Interested? E-Mail me at bcf4363 at gmail dot com, or DM here.

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You did. I meant every word of it to. The aircraft has continued to perform faultlessly.

To whoever is going to snap this up, Barry’s descriptions are accurate and the man himself is a pleasure to deal with. Go for it!



Now on eBay. :frowning_face: :sleepy:

@Manc54 - DM sent.

Sent you a dm

Now sold to @Manc54, not from eBay but as a direct contact from here on the Forum. Picked it up and paid cash in person. Nice guy. Highly recommended buyer. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Thanks Barry. I would just like to tell everyone what a genuine guy you are. The drone was exactly as described and you were a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend you to anybody buying from you. Cheers Andy.

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