Dji Air 2s ( real flight time ) not what dji says

I’m pretty fed up with YT trying to find out my answer as they all say different , could some one kindly tell me the true flight time for an air 2s , worst case best case scenario , I know it would depend on what mode your in too , any help would be well appreciated , I’ve ordered one but I am worried with my last scenario ( ma2 drowned ) if I should be getting one with a shorter flight time , many many thanks

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That’s impossible to answer mate, there are 101 variables you’d need to factor in.

Wind speed, temperature, longevity / battery health, forward speeds, hovering time, estimated landing percentage (cos ya ain’t flying to 1%) and many, many more.

Your best bet is to take 20% off the laboratory-conditioned times that are on the spec sheet of any DJI drone.

Even then it’s only an estimate.


Thanks mate I did think all the above , was just looking for a happy medium or how much less than the MA2 on the same day same conditions if that makes sense , or easier to say with a nice fine day hardly any wind just flying around in normal mode taking a few pics , I guess still hard to answer , many thanks
Edit : or was I best to say how much difference would I notice that compared to the ma2 I lost .

Whatever the flight time, makes sure when its near 20% its close by ;o)


This 100% :point_up_2:


Thanks for your comments , I know it’s a hard question to answer as pingSpike said , I think the answer I was looking for would I notice a big difference in that compared to what I lost ma2 I should have been more specific , if that answers my question and or makes sense :+1:t2:

Kirky - I have had an Air 2S since early April and looking at my stats - two of my batteries have averaged 25 minutes air time and the other 26. As others on here have pointed out there are a lot of factors that can alter the performance from speed through weather conditions etc.
Overall I have been pleased at the levels I have been getting since I had never expected to get the 31 minutes published by DJI

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Many thanks , I’ve just checked my flight logs for MA2 and there between 18-22 mins so if I can achieve that I’d be very happy , I hardly fly in sport mode unless it’s an emergency ( which went wrong :cold_face::smile: ) :+1:t2:

Zaps more juice

I’d eat the batteries if I could achieve that :grinning: , jokes aside , the MA2 not to keep mentioning it I never really got much photography out of it I p@@@@d about to much I admit , as this time with the recent loss I’m starting on a new foot to capture not do a marathon , I’m not making that mistake again , last thing I will probably end up asking at some point on here about what to shoot your photos in and I don’t understand all this d log and 10 bit stuff or cine like lol :man_shrugging:t2::smile:
Many thanks

Yep your not wrong there mate , nope I’m not peeing around anymore I know the air2s is not the best of the best but I am hoping to get some nice footage :crossed_fingers:t2:
Will 9 batteries do me a good day out :+1:t2:

My Mavic 2s battery last for EVER … lol
Have a issue at present . As my battery % freezes when flying . If I start at 100% after 10 mins flying still says 100 % :joy:. Inform DJI.They investigation …

Think it more of my drone than the DJi fly App ?
So not flying till they sought it out

Flying my Mavic Mini 3 pro at present …

Thanks mate

I had mine in the air the other night. I managed around 23 mins.
I literally just wanted to take the sunset,so, booted it up, put it into sport mode, hiked it up to 80m, hovered while it took the video, brought it back down at 17% batt.
No wind at ground level, maybe a breeze up at 80m,the drone never seemed to be correcting its position too much.
Temp was around 10 degrees.
Your going to get different times from different variables, like @PingSpike has said, this is just one example. I think the shortest I’ve had is 15 mins, in barmy wind conditions batting round in sports mode, as you do, is another example.:grin:
OH, and the batt has been used around 35 times, so not new but not old.
Just buy a couple of extra Batts, and enjoy flying it, one runs out, slot another one in👍

Thankyou for your input , :+1:t2:

@Leylo1971 just to let you know , I sourced another MA2 for now until my flying skills are better and I don’t have to worry so much about the battery , as those extra few minutes come in real handy when you need them , although it didn’t do me no favours the other day :person_facepalming:t2: lesson to learn from tho ! Again many thanks