DJI AIR 2S Smart Controller Or Not

Hi All,
I’m thinking of upgrading from my DJI mini2 to DJI AIR 2s but is it worth paying the extra £390 for the smart controller or not all comment are welcome even if you think i should get a different drone.

  • DJI Air 2S smart controller £1,559.00
  • DJI Air 2S standard controller £1,169.00

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Hi Jason

Lots of opinions and thoughts on several other similar threads

I’ve not moved your post over as it will kill your poll ;o(

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thanks :+1:

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For the extra bit of cash it’s a bargain, the SC is normally about £550 on it’s own. I always use my Air 2S with my SC, (and the Min 2, and M2Z), saves carrying multiple controllers.

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For what it’s worth, the ease of use of being able to quickly launch the drone via the SC is so much easier than using the std controller/phone setup, the total launch goes from minutes to under a minute without all the hassle of phones & cables interconnecting, it made a massive difference to my Mavic Pro 2 flying experience.

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Good morning Acedrone All,

My name is Dennis, got here through Hotrodspike, but l have some relevant input, l would suggest that the Smart Control has its good points, if your steering from using your mobile screen, however flying your drone within our legal distance, you’ll find that the original Remote Control takes your Drone slightly further, as you get some lag/interference using the Smart Controller. Thanks for the platform.


Thank Dennis, Its good to here your feed back :+1:

Totally agree and why I’d never use a phone for flying again. Just too much faffing about.

Legal distance in the UK is VLOS, so whether you are using a SC or an original controller you are going to lose sight of it long before you get any lag/interferance. Unless of course, you have incredible eyesight :wink:


Hi Adedrone,
Thanks for acknowledging my input, have a great day.

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Unless you’re flying several different machines ;o)


Very true. I’m only flying a M2P and a Mini2, both on the SC and even then it’s a pain switching between the two. Maybe I should get a second smart controller :thinking: :joy:


Ok I’m leaning towards getting the smart controller :slightly_smiling_face:

I will probably get it after Christmas and hope I get a good bonus from work to help pay for it :grin:

When I upgraded to my Air 2s I considered the SC but several hours of research into the pros and cons pushed me away from it - mainly due to the many reports of video lag.

Hiya Dennis


Hi BCF and thank you for your reply, my concerns are the same as yours but I watch this video which explains why

So you could manage it, with a bit of tidying up

The deed has been done


Is that the new RC Pro bundle Jason @Acedrone ?

It does not say pro! How can you tell the difference?

No, that’s the original Smart Controller (v1).

The new SC is v2 and also know as “RC Pro” - DJI RC Pro for Mavic 3 Drone – heliguy™

The antenna differences is the quickest / easiest tell.

For ref:

I’m guessing someone in the UK must be offering a similar package deal :thinking: