DJI Airsense

DJI drones like the Avata come equipped with a ADS-B receiver, this detects ADS-B transmissions from manned aircraft which have the appropriate equipment installed and helps you to avoid collisions.

Looking online it seems this feature is not available here in the UK, yet things like Flight Radar use this tech so its not like its not used in the UK but seems its not used on DJI drones in the UK.

Is that right or am I missing something as I would expect to have seen some aircraft warnings on my Avata as live not that far from both East Midlands Airport and Birmingham ?

It works on my Matrice. Is there a setting in your software to switch the feature on or off?

I need to double check the settings again as I am sure it was on - but maybe an update turned it off.

Looking at DJI forums they seem to think that its not enabled for the UK and that it was removed for other regions too - very odd as it might actually be a good safety feature

Unfortunately the majority of aircraft we are likely to encounter very rarely have ADSB installed. Unlike the proposed Network Remote ID the CAA are proposing for drone and recreational model plane users, general aviation is not obligated to carry ADSB when flying in certain airspace classifications

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yeah fully aware of this issue. Its a crazy one that - a small aircraft is more of a danger to a commercial airliner ( granted it will show up on radar ) but the more info to hand the better I say as you can always filter out what you don’t need but if you don’t have it then … madness and it seems we are the issue haha - CAA you need to give your head a wobble

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This is from my manual:

The aircraft around me are either general aviation from Goodwood, normally ok at >500 feet unless sightseeing low over the sea 100 feet from shore, military and coastguard helicopters at any height from zero feet - and not obliged to have ADS-B and paramotor pilots who are like aggressive cyclists, rules do not apply when flying lawnmoers in the sky!

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I have quite a few big planes from EMA near me - they look so close as they are so big - would have been cool to see there actual distance and if I do pose a risk.

None of the air / drone app’s say where I am flying is a risk area - I am around 15km / 9miles from the end of EMA runway. Just thought it was odd to not see the info as its all available on the likes of FlightRadar etc

Thanks Robert / Nidge for your input

How true.

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My DJI FPV has notified me of ADS-B a few times, the avata hasn’t… not sure you need to turn it on, but hey ho!

I too find it strange we have to use a poor RID (no power requirement), when manned aircraft don’t have to over here!

Check it is enabled in the settings

Mine has and did at the Big Meet 3 when them Gliders kept flying over

will check the settings again as I am sure it was turned on but maybe a recent update turned it off :+1:

it works on my avata and DJI fpv.

the problem is ADS-B is not mandatory in the UK (or EU I suspect) but it is apparently mandatory in the us by the FCC.

if the CAA are truly interested in aircraft safety it should be made mandatory for all manned aircraft.

that way you have clear early warning when flying FPV… and may not require an observer…(still required in the us)

it should be activated on all manned aircraft including military, except if they are doing something covert like police helicopter on occasion. but there should be the acceptance that if you fly dark… don’t expect everyone to know you are there… take responsibility for your actions on all sides.