DJI Authorisation Zone?

Morning all. I was about the launch this morning near Hammersmith, London and the DJI Go app told me I was near the Craven Cottage DJI Authorisation Zone. It threatened all sorts of things that mean my M2P would likely not be able to fly there. It also offered me a way to authorise my drone, via a credit card or phone no. I was actually planning to fly the other way so ignored it.

Now that I’m home I’ve checked out AZs but get directed to becoming a DJI Affiliate which I don’t want/need.

The area in question was, I guess, near Fulham FC Craven Cottage ground. There was no match on there today. I might want to fly there in future (I understand rules re flying over crowds etc, i won’t be doing that.) Can someone explain what the AZ is and how I can unlock it?

Are you sat comfortably?
There are 3 zones identified by DJI. Green, Amber and Red.
If you are in a Green zone, you will receive a message on your tablet or phone which you are using for viewing…
With the ‘green zone’ the message pops up, saying that you are aware and take responsibility for your flight, and a little ‘tick box’ to touch to confirm. Easy so far.
The Amber zone is a little bit more involved.
You have to have a DJI account, it will ask you for your credit or debit card that is linked to the account to verify that it’s you, and it will then let you unlock the flight immediately, or you will have to register an account to unlock the flight. (you must have cellular connection to enable this to take place). If you don’t have a cellular tablet or a DJI account you can look at the area in which you are flying BEFORE you set off from home on the DJI map and register an account and unlock the Amber zone while you have WiFi.
NOTE. You will NOT be charged for unlocking the flight, it is just for identity verification purposes.
The red zone…hmm, I’ve never flown in a red zone so cannot comment, all I know is my controller has the message ‘NFZ detected’ and I can’t even start the motors.

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I have flown in Amber near me, frequently - never been asked for this - only as you’ve described for Green.
Indeed - my phone is always in Airplane mode … so there can be no interaction with DJI.
DJI have never had any credit/debit card details from me for any purpose.

However - within the last week there have been colour changes/additions on DJI’s Geo Zone Map - and the terminology changed.

Near me - what was amber is now blue.

Edit: I see stadiums are now Blue.

Edit: Perhaps the reason my experience differs from your description is because I’m still on Go4 v4.2.16. Apologies if that is the case.

Interestingly, despite these recent changes to the Geo Map, I see they have still not implemented the new runway extension NFZs they recently announced. (Which is why, recently, I’ve been checking their Geo Map frequently and have today noticed the above changes to it.)

DJI have changed the warning zone colours. I was answering the question regarding Authorisation Zones and what is required to fly.
No doubt things will change yet again as it seems to be constantly evolving, (with apologies to the creationists) as DJI attempts to pacify the law makers (and keep the money rolling in).

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Many thanks Brian and Ozone Vibe. I’ve had the green regularly, and the amber but never been asked for verification in the past.

One further question: I have clicked OVs link to the DJI Geo Zone map and found it very helpful. (I can now see where the authorisation zone is that I encountered this morning, and that I was OK to just fly away from it, for example.) Is the DJI Geo Zone Map part of DJIGo4? or is it a separate ap? I cant’ find it in the app store and it doesn’t appear to show up in my DJI Go4 app.

So far I can see it on my laptop but now my phone, which I use for controlling my M2P.

If you see the opening page on the go4 app on your phone, look in the very top right corner of the screen and you will see three horizontal bars, (highlighted in my pic). Click on that and it brings up a menu, one of which is geo zones…
Click on that and it brings up the map of all geo zones, just zoom into your location

Many thanks again Brian. Much appreciated and very helpful.

One more thing you might find useful is the NATs app. I won’t go into a long winded explanation.
Take a look and see if you find it useful, it gives you all data on low flying aircraft movements, power lines and all sorts of ground hazards


Sorry for necropost but what’s the actual deal with authorisation zones? Once you unlock them with your phone number and dji account then what?

Then DJI will let you fly your own drone in that area :roll_eyes: