DJI Auto Sync Flight Data

Hi newbie here.

First post for help from the community.
I have Mini 2 and have flown some very careful first trips. But I have a question.
In the DJI Fly app / Settings there is an option to Auto Sync Flight records, I have set this to on.
It says that it syncs the flight data to the cloud automatically over WiFi and that it can be viewed on other devices.

My simple question is how to I access this ? What is the web address to enable viewing of this data ? I can’t find any guidance.

Can anyone help please.

Many thanks

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On another device running the Fly app, you can only view them in the app

The DJI flight logs are encrypted and only they can view them

The other option and the best is to use

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If you download HD sync app from UAV and sign up to it ( it’s free ) then first sync your flights in the fly app then go to HD sync and hit the upload button it will download all your flights to air data UAV for you to see on any device you have Airdata UAV on . Excellent apps very useful

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If you’re already sync’ing up to DJI then you don’t need the sync app as Airdata can pull the logs down directly from your DJI account (and your Autel account, and probably others too).

The Airdata sync app is fantastic if you’re not sync’ing to DJI though :slight_smile:


Thank you to everyone who has replied.

I shall investigate the Airdata app.