DJI Avata - Bounce and Crash

I have seen people ask about how strong and robust the DJI Avata is. ( not just here but on Facebook groups too )
I have to say I am mega impressed with how strong this brick of a drone is.
My first attempt at manual mode, highlighted to me a few things - be smoother on the sticks - and the Avata is made of strong stuff.

A short clip of a bounce off the ground along with photos of the Avata after session of flying

I do know what went wrong here - I was not using the goggles at the time of this bounce - should have just kept my head in the goggles and fly.

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Can only agreed, clipped a tree in sports mode at 30mph yesterday 40’ up…

The drone landed 50’ away from the tree in an open field, having shed 3 of the bumper guards! I can only think it landed edge on and cartwheeled over the grass for 25’ shedding 3 of the bumper guarrds as it went! Thankfully we found it and it had zero damage :slight_smile:

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I should upload the other crashes - as I did put it into a bush and a tree too haha - the bush I was lucky it came out the other side haha

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It’s 100% easier with goggles on when flying manual.
Its a mistake I made a few times in the early days.

Keep at it!

yeah that was my issue here - I basically wanted to actually see it do a roll with my own eyes ( I think that’s what I was doing ) and was not sure of its orientation in the sky - I had done it a few times before without any issue.( with the goggles on ) So yeah now I keep the goggles on fully - flying is more fun than crashing haha

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All that grass and you hit the concrete ;o)

yup and the grass was nice and thick too - perfect for a soft crash haha - but hey in the FPV world its Send it big or go home haha ( I think that’s the rule )


Yeah, it’s odd not ever seeing your craft from the outside, but not worth risking removing your goggles for…

With my drones that’s not a problem as my son flies them as well.

With my planes nobody ever does and I don’t lend them out, so I’ve only ever seen my jet fly past with it’s fake-afterburner in a video I asked someone to take of it…

I don’t trust myself with line-of-sight piloting.

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Some more footage of first time in manual with crashing - mainly crashing haha -

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Crashing isn’t a bad thing. It’s how you learn not to crash with fpv.

Although the DJI stuff is less forgiving in most cases

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its very much - why do we fall ? so as to learn to pick ourselves up again

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