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Seems they have removed the option of Acro mode, which I would have thought would be limiting…

Its all Rumours at the moment :grinning:

An FPV drone without acro mode?

I think it’s essentially a heavier Mini3 with ducts, with EIS instead of a gimbal, and a larger (more cells) battery.

I think the market they are aiming this at are not those that would normally fly in ACRO, as those of us who fly ACRO know how restrictive any form of self levelling is.

The camera will be a big upgrade due to criticism from those whom were expecting a camera drone type image from the original FPV Drone.

And it will sell as it’s DJI. Just as the original FPV drone sold. The marmite response of the original FPV drone can be condensed into two reasons.

  1. Camera drone users were expecting camera drone (Mavic Pro2 ?) type image quality which it didn’t have.

  2. FPV flyers were expecting great flight performance which it didn’t have.

I on the other hand was originally in the No.2 camp, but after picking one up I cold see it for what it is. It’s just a quad that provides a nice FPV image and more than acceptable 4K footage, a sort of Mavic Pro for FPV pilots that just want to cruise and be unrestrained by auto levelling and the jerkiness of GPS assisted flight.

If the rumour of no ACRO capability on this new version is true then to me it’s no different from piloting (not the same as flying) any camera drone with goggles.

To be honest I don’t have any complaints about the image quality of my DJI FPV. There are also plenty of people who strap an action cam on them like they would other FPV quads if they want the super high quality footage.

I think a lot of the negative response to the DJI FPV from FPV fliers is mainly from those who typically fly pure acro or flow style FPV, but in my experience flying it, it really seems more oriented at cinematic FPV flying, and at that it does actually excel in my opinion.

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The First Video

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Late August :grinning::grimacing::joy:

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Not going to be cheap :roll_eyes:

Recently the past few months I went from selling all to buying DJI FPV DJI Air 2s and Mini 3 :scream:

Wifey went out recently and bought dolly parton CD and has one track on loop named D.I.V.O.R.C.E :roll_eyes:

So I will be first to buy a DJI Avata :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: