DJI Avata or...what?

I actually have a quad with that mod on it. Not for the Kaack, but for Smartaudio on the msp connection for hdzero channel control.

You mean like this video,

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Is this what you have? This looks entertaining!!!

I started with throttle expo, came off it, and put it back on a couple of months ago. I still need to find the sweet spot, but I find it helps. I have the resolution nearly where I need it for my style of flying

Sort of. I have two WLTOYS V383’s, which are clones of the Stingray, but they have an auto level option if needed. I also have a Hobbyking Reaper500. This one flies much like a flybarless Heli in that there is no auto level function. It’s also a lot more vicious as it runs on 6S as opposed to the V383’s that are 4S powered. It’s also direct drive as opposed to belt driven.