DJI Boat Mode

Developed to be placed on any boat, V-Line boat mode gives a birds-eye view surrounding the boat and the shoreline.

A new tethered drone system from Volarious enables DJI drones for boats. The system allows a commercial off-the-shelf, Mavic 2 drone to autonomously take off, follow, and land safely on small vessels . The drone can remain in the air as long as it needs, as it is powered by the tethered line.



Interesting concept

I can think of several scenarios where drone video would be useful if not limited by battery life

I’m not familiar with boats, why would you need a birds eye view of where you are? Can’t you just look out of the window to see what’s in front of you? :thinking:

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Search and rescue. On water, for someone who is 1.8m tall (for example) the horizon is 3 miles away. But at 50m above sea level, the horizon is a distance of 16 miles away.

Or in other words, the area that a person can see is 28 square miles at sea. Whereas an area that a drone can see (at 50m) is 804 square miles. That is more than 28 times the search area than “looking out the window”.


Interesting, thanks Chris :+1:t2:

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Despite the hype, the Earth is not flat :wink:

Could have done with that on the Broads recently, couldn’t see a thing out of the windscreen every morning cos of the condensation. Ended up sliding the canopy off, standing up & dressing like an Eskimo :roll_eyes:

I’ve seen the truck mounted options in the States but not sure about the off the shelf compatibility, looks like a great idea though

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I can see it’s use in Search and Rescue at sea, especially if fitted with an IR camera - much easier to see a casualty in the water from a few metres up whereas at sea level they can easily be obscured by waves.

I can also see uses for a van mounted version e.g. crowd control at large events

@DKZ5745 …Just remember to wind it in for Potter Heigham Bridge ! :wink:

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