DJI Care Refresh for 2nd Hand drone


I see nothing about being able to buy Care Refresh for a 2nd hand drone on the DJI website, but found an article elsewhere that suggests it’s possible…

Can someone clarify the current situation?



Hiya mate as from I can remember dji will cover you as long as you can prove with video footage of flight is ok and no parts are missing or broken and full serial number and its never been for a repair in passed. Hope this helps mate . Plus give them a call on . 01603 486413 :+1:

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Here’s the link for verification, you can purchase once it’s been accepted.

I think any drone can only be covered once by refresh so if you have purchased a used drone that was previously covered your out of luck.

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Yep, that’s what the article said…

Thanks for the link :+1:

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