DJI Care Refresh how is it?

On the whole the experience is pretty good. Obviously you have to way up the cost implications, but for service it’s good.
After my crash, I took some photos of the damage. Logged in and gave a description of what happened. They then give a case number. Then after review send a ups label. Boxed the drone up and dropped it off at the ups collection point, but you can get it collected from home.
They will then send a report to you and a quote, but as I have refresh it was just the standard £109 For the zoom. When that’s paid they send it or a new or refurb unit back to you.
I sent mine in a shoebox but the one I got back was in a new dji box and sealed so it appears to be a new aircraft, they also sent new props.
The whole process took 10 days.
It’s a pity the weather was rubbish or I’d have had it in the air quicker.:grin::grin:


Which is pretty good, really :+1:t2:

I had a similar turnaround time with a CrystalSky last year too and they sent UPS to collect it from me!

They’re all refurbs Steve, but thankfully refurbed by DJI and not someone on ebay claiming to be a trained DJI technician :smiley:

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No flight logs?