DJI Care Refresh ... Refreshed!

This email, that just landed in my inbox, might interest some people.

They seem to have a brief promotion on (ends 31st Oct) that allows anyone to take up Care Refresh … even if they’ve never had it (Like me!) just by “passing a quick one-minute aircraft video verification”. (I wonder how much longer a slow one-minute …… :stuck_out_tongue: )

It doesn’t mean I’m taking them up on their offer …. but I’m certainly going to consider it.

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I had the same offer, it doesn’t say how much.
I had care refresh with my last mavic, never crashed and never needed it, £149.00 down the drain. But like most insurances, there when you need it.
Am I right in saying that they charge a fee when you use it (£89.00) a bit like an insurance excess?

This thread sparked a thought… I didn’t get a renewal reminder email for mine…

Just checked and sure enough, it ran out bloody ages ago :roll_eyes:

Was there a link in their email Dave?

Ta :+1:

Although having thought about it for a moment, I think I’d rather get my Mavic repaired in the UK, to ensure I got the same one back. Albeit at a significantly higher cost no doubt.

I’ve invested waayyyyy to much time in it (firmware, params, mods, roots, etc) to hand it over to DJI in return for an updated refurb :blush:

Do you know if Refresh renewal requires the latest firmware?

No idea.

I think I’m with you, though. For most things I’d get parts from China on ebay and fit them myself.

If that’s totally beyond me, or my budget, then it would be way over my budget via DJI.

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