DJI Care Refresh vs Coverdrone Insurance


As a new MA2 flyer I was wondering about people’s thoughts regarding opting to buy DJI’s Care Refresh package versus buying insurance such as Coverdrone. One downside I can think of with the Care Refresh is what would happen if you had a flyaway or lost the drone at the bottom of a lake and didn’t have the original drone to return?

Thanks for your thoughts / opinions.


With Care, you’re not covered, with Coverdrone you are, or I hope you are 'cause that’s why I went with them.

With coverdrone, is it on average £125 per year for the Mavic 2?

I pay £128 for my Zoom but it includes my Crystalsky (£800) so it should be less. Go to their website to get a quote.

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That’s the conclusion I came to as well. For me price at Cover Drone is quoted about £75 for the year.

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My opinion…

For care refresh its a no questions asked replacement no matter how you damage the drone.

For other insurance like cover drone your going to need to be squeaky clean and provide flight logs with any claim.

Flyaway’s are extremely rare and your more likely to bin your drone doing something stupid like flying backwards into a tree or hitting a telephone cable.

I usually take care refresh for the first year.


I have Refresh but considering Coverdrone aswell for those drone unretrevable possibilities ie over water.

Overkill ?

Your call @stevep

What percentage of your flights are over water?

Enough to consider it a high enough risk to warrant the cost of a second policy?

Hi I would not recommend DJI refresh at all I’ve had the most awful experience with them for one you have to send your drone to the Netherlands via ups and takes up to one month from sending to receiving it back.
The is however drone doctors based in Brighton they are registered by DJI but do not cover the refresh insurance.

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Hi - What are peoples thoughts on which is the better option for recreational use of the drone ? I’m not asking about the liability side of things more the water damage , collision or flyaway type of event. Coverdrone have quoted £60 for £600 quids worth of cover on the drones - a m2 and a mavic pro. Only one in the sky at once so don’t need much more. I don’t see any point in covering my ground kit as it will be with me. Thoughts ? …

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