DJI Cellular dongle (4g / 5g) capability! (for essentially unlimited range BVLOS flight)

Im also guessing but maybe no to noticeable your battery may deplete a tad quicker :thinking:

Spending more of your money: an A2CofC lets you fly a 250g-499g drone in many places.

Else an FCC radio signal hack (if/when available) could boost signal strength without adding weight.

At the moment I don’t need any of that. I’m happy to keep my money, fly my sub 249g drone in lots of places and stick with the un-hacked radio signals. :slightly_smiling_face:


Has anyone seen any pricing for the DJI annual subscription costs listed anywhere?

USD$ will do, I’m just after a ballpark figure :slight_smile:

Nope looked before, even the Chinese site doesn’t list it

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Screenshot from this thread over on the DJI Product Forum …


The manual shows a module in the RC Pro :thinking:

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That’s handy, save you having to hotspot it to a phone.

The catch there though is you’d need two SIM cards, one in the drone and one in the controller?

And 2 dongles

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@PingSpike the way I read it on Forums and DJI instructional pages is you need 1 SIM in the dongle, and use your mobile as a hotspot for your RC to connect to…

@jedpause but the second module that you install in the RC Pro would also need a sim of its own, how else could it connect to the mobile network without a sim? :thinking:

I’ve seen here it is 99RMB = around £11 p.a.

Thanks @jedpause a similar price was mentioned earlier in the thread too.

It’s a shame that the dongle comms isn’t simply from device <> drone, but is instead device <> DJI servers in China <> drone :pensive:

Yes I saw that link {} that’s with the RC Pro as you say, however natively with the Mini 4 Pro & Air 3 and the RC N2 I think the 2nd dongle isn’t needed, just a mobile phone hotspot…

I’m going to get one (for S&G) and see how it works :slight_smile:

Yes :slight_smile:

Yes that’s a concern… fact is even if they didn’t do it that route, the logs (which sync with their servers) would tell DJI everything you’ve done anyway… and maybe they have to do that to ensure it’s operating in a legal country (but I see it shows up as a device on your profile anyway soooo…

But I guess with the live connection what stopping the critters delving into your phone on-the-fly (Again they can do that today with the non-screen RC and your phone :wink:

Due to privacy regulations and policies, you will need to purchase the correct version of the Enhanced Transmission service that corresponds to your location.

There are two versions available - one for the Chinese mainland and one for countries and regions outside of the Chinese mainland.

I’m not even going to ask…