DJI Customer Service. Good or bad

Hello all. Hope you are all keeping well. I recently posted (around months ago) regarding a disaster with my Air 2s. To cut a long story short, as I speak my Air 2s is at the bottom of the River Trent just outside Nottingham. The drone was flying back to me when for no apparent reason it turned very sharply to the left and dive bombed straight into the river. Definitely a massive OUCH!! and a very bad day. I raised the issue with DJI and after many discussions (sometimes quite lively discussions) DJI wouldn’t accept lt was a technical fault but eventually offered me a replacement with a huge discount, which I accepted, although not readily. I received my new Air 2s the next day. I had this replacement for around 4/5 weeks when I took it out flying in Derbyshire. I was in the middle of a field with no obstructions whatsoever when I lost signal although the drone was around 3 meters from the ground and around 10 meters away from me, in clear view. I could still control the drone, well in a fashion but it was very erratic. The signal connected and disconnected several times but I managed to land it, quite hard, in the field and walked over to bring it back. I was just pleased to get the drone back in one piece after losing the first one.
I started heading home, some 30 miles away and on the way stopped to try the drone again. Same problem. Dissappointly, I went home to investigate further in my own garden. Same problem again. I contacted DJI and they gave me a few things to try, like reinstall the firmware, re pair the unit etc etc. No good. I was then advised to return both drone and controller back to DJI. I then received a reply telling me that the problem was caused by me flying low to the ground and in a built up area with buildings, trees etc. I was actually in the middle of the countryside, with hardly a building in site, just a few cows and a huge oak tree directly behind me. Also was enclosed was a quotation for £260 pounds for the repair, more than I had paid to replace the drone that drowned in the river. Part of the quote included replacing two control modules, one in the drone, the other in the controller, plus a couple of propellers due to malfunction. Really!! Back on to question DJI about how could it possibly be my fault that two control modules had malfunctioned. Pleased to announce that the reply I got advised that both drone and controller were now being replaced free of charge along with a couple of sets of props, which I received this morning. So a huge thank you to DJI for that, it’s brilliant that they did the right thing eventually and it’s great to be flying again. Can’t help wondering though, it all seemed very similar to the fault with the first drone which they put down to my error, which I did and still do totally disagree with. Food for thought though. . Sorry about the book I’ve just written lol. Happy flying all.


Before I see you mention in yr thread controller I’d have said maybe for it to happen a second time around or similar, probably best to get the controller checked was my thinking,
Glad you have it sorted :+1:t2:

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Good to hear it’s been replaced, although it sounds as though you had some trouble getting DJI to get to that stage.

I’ve had to deal with DJI before and whilst it took a good month or two to get the issue 100% resolved, I can’t fault them for their service. I had GPS issues with my Mavic 3 Classic which were present from new - it took AGES to lock onto even 4 or 5 satellites and never seemed to acquire more than 10. I contacted them and after the usual ‘have you done this, updated that’ blah blah blah they agreed to have the drone couriered to them to have it inspected. They did some updates and sent it back, and yet it still had the same problem. I threw my toys out the pram and demanded that they resolve the issue or provide me with a new drone. I stated that this was my third DJI drone and the previous two (Mavic Mini and Air 2) never ever had problems like this. They asked for the drone to be sent back to them, and less than a week later I received a brand new drone. Thankfully, the issue was gone and to this day it acquires 20+ satellites in short order.
At no stage did I have to part with any money, not even for the courier costs. Fair play to them.
I’m very happy with the Mavic 3 Classic, so glad that I stuck it out.:ok_hand::sunglasses:
Happy flying!

Hi. That’s great to hear. The customer service has been spot on. Same thing happened this time. DJi paid for the courier charges and threw in a couple of sets of propellers. More of a sweetener than anything else. Which I’ll gladly accept. Must have 5 sets of them now, still got the originals from the fly more kit from 2 years ago lol.Still annoyed with the first one that drowned itself, but that’s another story. I did end up paying way under half price for the replacement (under much duress I might add) but even then, custo er services can only do so much and handled it all very well. This time they said it would be repaired but they sent a brand new drone and remote at no cost so far play to them with that. Weather permitting tomorrow, I need to get it out and up, up and away we go again lol. Cheers Geoff

I’ve had exceptional service from them. First, with 2 batteries with cracked/broken tabs. Second, with my M3P having a crack in the gimbal mount surround shroud which wasn’t caused by any form of impact. They also replaced a third battery with a cracked tab at the same time.

You made no mention of DJI viewing the flight log of the crash. A well known YouTuber lost his M3P in to a lake from a reasonable height and the flight log showed that he was inputting an up command yet it continued to descend. They replaced it with no argument

Very similar to my story, they also threw in some spare propellers with mine! They said they had replaced the GPS module (or something like that) in mine, but it was actually new drone, the serial number was completely different to my original one.
I should also have said that I had the optional DJI cover in place as well, however the drone wasn’t replaced under that package, it was completely due to the fact that the drone had this technical defect. :+1:t2::sunglasses:

Hi. Thanks for the reply. With the loss in the river there were many weeks of let’s say disagreements between myself and DJI. They wouldn’t accept my description of what happened even though I had statements from other drone flyers who were there at the time. They did end up going from me just having to replace the drone fully to offering me a huge discount on a replacement. At the time, it had all been going on so long, I just wanted to draw a line under it and get flying again. When DJI sent me a quote for repairing the second one, which was virtually brand new as I had only flown it once to test it, I thought here we go again, but thankfully they replaced both controller and drone completely F.O.C. so to be fair they were brilliant all the way through. Considering they went from sending me a quote for the repairs to a complete replacement, after I questioned there initial response. Thanks again. Cheers

Did you ever check the air data ? Or share the air data on here to see if someone took a look as to maybe what caused the problem ?

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No unfortunately I didn’t, although it was suggested that I should at the time. I think I was that wrapped up in my daily emails between DJI and myself, I never got around to it. Can’t help thinking now though with the loss in the river, which I have always said was caused by a loss in control. Was it in fact the controller at fault being as they replaced it just a few weeks later. I suppose they could have just replaced it to completely rule out any chance of it happening again. I would never consider myself an expert flyer, but I have been flying for a couple of years now so have some idea what I’m doing lol. DJI have offered me a heavily discounted price on their care package which I’m contemplating now before I register the replacements as I’m aware that I only get a a very limited time to purchase it :grinning::grinning:

Fair dood’s

Why not try & retrieve the Airdata then you might have an inclination as to what really went wrong ?
I would but that’s me, as I’d want to know :+1:t2:

My experience with Dji Customer Care, with my Mini 3 pro faut under warranty within less than 3 months from purchase, has been a very very long story involving not one but two replacements sent out as the first wouldn’t land except in Sport Mode. so the 2nd replacement effectively the 3rd drone was indeed 3rd time lucky. Touch wood all is well so far.

Dji have been very apologetic throught the various communications and for such a large company, I feel as though I have been treated politely by all the assistants I have dealt with, with each replacement they sent me they’ve added some free gifts which I have donated to 2 members in this group. And the last thing they gave me for my trouble was a £30 voucher with which I got a Wide Angle Lens that turned out to be quite handy if you like that sort of perspective.

Anyway, they are a large company and to be fair you’re never being placed on a long waiting list to resolve any warranty or damage issues, I have to admit they’re pretty quick in responding.

Of course their gifts are cheap but it has to be expected for such a large outfit, I’d much rather get my drone back in perfect order as soon as possible than receive a cheap tote bag with the Dji logo on it.

So yeah and their £30 voucher is taking the pi$$ a bit but he-ho!

I would conclude by saying their customer care is much better than what John Lewis is now as opposed to what John Lewis used to be 15 years ago before their great standards fell to such lows.