DJI Digital FPV System

28ms latency and a 4km range…

Details: DJI Digital FPV System - DJI

Oh, and try not to laugh at the price :blush:


Price isn’t that unreasonable tbh…

My goggles and module are near £600. Radio transmitter another 150ish

So not far off

My concerns are durability and spares more than anything…

Will probably start to move over next year

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Seriously? You’d consider his kit?

Curious now… What does it offer that your current setup doesn’t?

High def fpv feed is the holy grail. Especially for flying wings!
There’s still a lot we don’t know. Like is it a whole flight controller as well as video/control link?

Goggles look epic tho


I wonder if it the same kit I bought 2 years ago from DJI which I haven’t flown in anger for all this time.

This kit only works with the RE goggles, you also have to piggy back an RX to it and in my example a Frsky D8R.
It gets bloody hot, this new one is 720p, mine is 960p. Once again DJI are out to milk the hobbyists by way of yet another dedicated TX and system, I like the goggles though they remind me of “Ant Man”. If these goggles worked with the Mavic and Inspire I’d get them.

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DJI have jumped on the FPV bandwagon… Bringing native HD recording and digital goggle tech to the scratchy world of FPV… REALLY cool

Moved to the pre-existing thread for this. :wink:

Ok should have known! What IS the price for this?

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It’s actually not a bad price for the full system if it works well.

Would be epic on a fixed wing for long range missions.


Seems like a lot to me! It doesn’t even fly! :man_shrugging:



Range is better on a Mavic pro though? Couldn’t you just gaffer tape a Mavic onto your fixed wing. ? That practical? If you snapped off the arms and pointed them all backwards…


If you have a spare MP I’d be happy to try it :rofl:


Be interesting to see the specs. Power output, bandwidth, frequency etc. What about interference from other pilots etc. Or interference to other pilots. Does look nice. But will wait for the attack of the clones for a cheaper one.

While dji had my attention for less than 24 hours they need to move over…

Here comes our lord and master fatshark


At first I was really tempted to press the buy now button but having had time to research and ask questions it’s a nope for me now.

DJI are locking the units to your location which means if you register it on the UK you are locked to 25mw output only, same for the rest of the EU.

This lowers you range from 4000m to just 700m and the limited penetration you get from 25mw 5.8g will mean analogue is still king for us.

No use having HD fpv if a leaf blocks the signal at 50m and causes you to crash.


That’s interesting. Digital systems are allowed to transmit up to 100mW E.I.R.P. on 2.4GHz in the UK/ Europe (which is what Lightbridge/ Occusync and, I believe, Connex use).

I wonder why it is limited to 25mW (which is the analogue limit for 5.8GHz).

(Data from Ofcom document IR2030:

Specs here confirm you’re right:

UK/ EU gets 25mW (13dBm).
USA gets 1,000mW (30dBm).

It looks like the decision was taken to use 5.8GHz because the USA allows up to 1W on that band (presumably). And then they’ve simply crippled the EU output down to 25mW.

If DJI had designed it for the EU they would surely have used 2.4GHz to take advantage of the 100mW limit.

What a shame.