Dji drone bought from Iceland with eu plug

Hi Just enquiring about a drone and it was bought in Iceland , copy & paste from the seller : I bought it at the DJI store in Reykjavik , it has the EU plug for the charger does anyone know if this is all good for the Uk or is it a no go , or will I only have to buy the lead that goes into the charger , I know are drones are not made in the uk but thought maybe a voltage difference with the charger :thinking:
Many thanks

You’ll need a figure 8 lead:

That’s all.


It will be suitable for 220v / 240v

So no worries once you replace the lead.

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I use EU plugs all the time with no problem at all. The lead would only have 2 wires and the plug would only have 2 ROUND pins instead of 3 SQUARE pins. It wouldn’t matter which way round you put the pins in as there is a Bridge Rectifier’ inside the charger which will correct the polarity. The charger should tell you what the voltage is anyway. If the pins were FLAT then I would be more cautious.

Thanks for your comments / help , the drone is from that shop in Iceland ( but the drone is in the uk ) where Ian from London got his replacement when he sadly melted his mini 3 :cold_sweat: , it includes the receipt etc.

Only if you buy something that is made for 110V you have an issues. You can always check the voltage used in any specific country at Full list: Plug, socket & voltage by country - World Standards

Thanks there both 230v 50 HZ Iceland / UK just different plugs

the label onthe charger states what it’s input voltage range, should say 110v - 240v

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So also check on the charger it says the above , thanks

indeed - but for that you need to check - my point is that it will work on 220 / 240v by default.

Oh yes sorry I’m with you :person_facepalming:t2::smile:

Adapters are available for round or square pins, this particular one is rated 110-240V 12.6V 500mA and came with the powered patch antenna. It doesn’t matter which way it’s plugged in as the internal circuit does it all. I bought the adapter from our local Wilkinson Store…

Thanks I’m just going to get a spare figure of 8 lead that was advised here yesterday , many thanks

Nearly all chargers are switch mode power supplies SMPS these days so are good for a wide input voltage and frequency input. Just check the label.
As other said good to go with a lead change or adaptor to UK :slightly_smiling_face: