DJI Drones to be banned in the USA - Countering CCP Drones Act (HR 2864)

I was just reading an article on the countering ccp drones act for the USA, in the document / bill it says about the possibility of FCC transmissions telecommunications revocation, making DJI drones possibly useless & or grounded that use FCC.
Apparently this has been attempted to be put in place before but has failed but with the ban of DJI in the U.S could now maybe potentially pass.

It is also mentioned in the first part of this video,


Good job we’re over here then


Is what I thought but what about fcc spoofing was my main concern :joy:

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So many blatantly break the rules and then post daft videos to show what they’ve done.

It’s no wonder they’re cracking down.

I’d guess most adults have broken the speed limit when driving, just most don’t post videos of themselves doing it.

Let’s hope our government leave it alone


Ach it’s the US. to them anything from the PRC is riddled with spyware. I’m surprised they haven’t banned ( or considering banning ) iPhones and all other mobile phones made in China. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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Yes good thought & especially the I phone or the MacBooks etc, they did ban some other phones I recollect huawei, I’m sure when I found this article earlier there was a document / bill that had passed with a list of a few Chinese manufacture’s, I mean let’s be honest when it comes to tech & gadgets if not made in china I guarantee some of the components within are made there, if they had there way you’d have a empty house but just a bed & sofa, next they’ll be saying when you open the cooker or the fridge it takes a photo of you :joy:

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I know our technology spies on us anyway. Whether it’s by the use of “cookies” on our phones or computers or listening in ( Alexa/ Siri etc). A few years ago I was looking to purchase a new gas cooker , did one search on my iPad and for weeks after was bombarded with adverts on social media for gas cookers. My brother had a neighbour visiting him and said her name. Alexa piped up “ Is that your friend “Sarah?” Apparently the AI knows quite a lot about us, sat there silently collecting information. And there the US are bothered about DJI drones :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


Yes I know ( private is not private these days )
Many years ago even before smart phones came to the market, if you wanted a private conversation you was best leaving your phone at home or in the car etc & going into the middle of a field & talk ( for what you wanted to be private ) no joke,
Then came the rumours which I’ve seen videos on, on how your reverse engineer a megaphone into a listening device which to my point apparently even back in the day the high up authorities could reverse your phone into a listening device without even getting their hands on it & that was back then so anything is possible now I guess, quite alarming & I don’t trust none of it !

Just out today, the US Govt want to ban TikTok. Apparently they see TikTok as a “news resource “ site run from China. Oh dear, I’ve heard TikTok called many things, but never a “news resource” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


If DJI was banned in the States it would close a big market to DJI. Don’t imagine that it’s only the US which would be affected. It could bump up prices for DJI elsewhere…

Apple is shifting manufacturing to India and elsewhere under pressure…

Apparently, but you can bet they’ll move manufacturing to India if they can do it either same price or cheaper. :wink::wink: ( then how long before the US says India is spying on them :wink::wink:)

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This article from 2019 might be of interest then … F-35 jets: Chinese-owned company making parts for top-secret UK-US fighters | UK News | Sky News

After TikTok, DJI drone ban could be next for US lawmakers

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The other side of the story
one of the reasons why DJI is being banned, the truth! by Kevin Finisterre

whyiwalkedfrom3k.pdf (5.0 MB)


I think I cloned more of d0tslash’s repos on GitHub back in the day than anyone else’s. He’s on whole other level man :bowing_man:t2:

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Just read that PDF you link to. How on Earth did DJI get driving licence and passport details of individuals ? When I signed up for my DJI account, I’m sure I was never asked for such details. Only my email address / phone number.

And you gave them access to all your phone data :grinning: including your photo library :scream:

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They might have had access on my old phone number, but not my current phone number. As I have the DJI RC controller, that doesn’t access my phone, I can’t see how they can access the photo library on it ?