DJI filenames - Rolling over the 1,000 mark (or not)


Had an interesting one today, something that I wasn’t expecting…

All the media on my Mavic Pro SD card is stored in a folder called 100MEDIA and the files are named:

  • DJI_0992.DNG
  • DJI_0993.DNG
  • DJI_0994.DNG
  • DJI_0995.DNG
  • DJI_0996.DNG
  • DJI_0997.DNG

I hit the 1,000 mark today and you’d have thought it’d have simply gone:

  • DJI_0997.DNG
  • DJI_0998.DNG
  • DJI_0999.DNG
  • DJI_1000.DNG
  • DJI_1001.DNG
  • DJI_1002.MP4

But nooooo… that’s be far to easy for DJI :rofl:

What actually happened was it created a new folder and incremented that by 1.

So there are now two folders on the card that look like this:

  • 100MEDIA
  • 101MEDIA


Rather than going from 0999 to 1000, they instead made a new folder and reset the counter back to zero again…

What’s that all about?! :man_shrugging:

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Haha! I’m about to hit that for a second time - I’m up to 948 for the second time.
I change all my MP file names to yyyy_mm_dd_hh_mm_ss followed by the original file name, anyway.

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Yeah me too (we’ve another thread on that somewhere) - and I’m kinda glad now that I do!

Why on Earth would they not just go from 0999 to 1000 - it makes no sense what so ever?!

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Clever these Chinese


A real PIA and apparently there is no hack to fix it. I do mapping and simply use a file renaming program to replace the leading 0 with 1 in the second folder created. This has to be one of the dumbest things DJI did as there is no reason for it :0

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DSLRs all do the same too




My DSLR might … and when I’ve reached P9999999.JPG, I’ll let you know what happens … if I and the camera are both still alive, that is.

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