DJI filenames - Rolling over the 1,000 mark (or not)

Had an interesting one today, something that I wasn’t expecting…

All the media on my Mavic Pro SD card is stored in a folder called 100MEDIA and the files are named:

  • DJI_0992.DNG
  • DJI_0993.DNG
  • DJI_0994.DNG
  • DJI_0995.DNG
  • DJI_0996.DNG
  • DJI_0997.DNG

I hit the 1,000 mark today and you’d have thought it’d have simply gone:

  • DJI_0997.DNG
  • DJI_0998.DNG
  • DJI_0999.DNG
  • DJI_1000.DNG
  • DJI_1001.DNG
  • DJI_1002.MP4

But nooooo… that’s be far to easy for DJI :rofl:

What actually happened was it created a new folder and incremented that by 1.

So there are now two folders on the card that look like this:

  • 100MEDIA
  • 101MEDIA


Rather than going from 0999 to 1000, they instead made a new folder and reset the counter back to zero again…

What’s that all about?! :man_shrugging:

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Haha! I’m about to hit that for a second time - I’m up to 948 for the second time.
I change all my MP file names to yyyy_mm_dd_hh_mm_ss followed by the original file name, anyway.

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Yeah me too (we’ve another thread on that somewhere) - and I’m kinda glad now that I do!

Why on Earth would they not just go from 0999 to 1000 - it makes no sense what so ever?!

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Clever these Chinese


A real PIA and apparently there is no hack to fix it. I do mapping and simply use a file renaming program to replace the leading 0 with 1 in the second folder created. This has to be one of the dumbest things DJI did as there is no reason for it :0

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DSLRs all do the same too



My DSLR might … and when I’ve reached P9999999.JPG, I’ll let you know what happens … if I and the camera are both still alive, that is.

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Took my 1,000th photo/video tonight on my mini and despite the filename numbering sequence being 4 digit, it got to DJI_0999, created a new folder (101Media) and started again at 0001. Seems strange using 3 of the 4 digits, surely it can’t be a throwback to some antiquated O/S?

Nothing to do with OS … just the way the DJI firmware functions.

Damned annoying that they don’t use the other digit that’s sat there unused, too.

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I knew there was a previous thread … moved your post over to here. :+1:

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FAT32 has a limit for the amount of files per DIR, sure its 65534 but its still a limit, so its easier just to do what they did.

You’d never get to to 65,534 files … that’s about 305GB of MP jpegs! :wink:

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Also, the DJI drones format as exFAT.

Still has limits, either way its easier just to limit the filenames like they have to fix potential issues later. Imagine having 8000 images in one folder and your pc trying to load 8000 thumbnails. Its easier to set a hard limit to 1000. Then they dont have to waste time with tech support when little johnnys $30 laptop wont load the 8000 images in one folder :wink:

It doesn’t stop them creating the a new folder after 9999 … but they start the file number back at 00001 again. That’s the point.

My DSLR file numbers trundle on … but at each 1000 they start a new folder.