DJI Fly app crashing

Sorry for bringing this up AGAIN, but is anyone else having issues with the FLY app.

I’ve tried all the previous listed things, one by one, clearing cache, checking the permissions, re-installing, resetting the permissions after re-installing, checking the USB permissions when plugging into the RC-N1 and checking for Android patches (Google Pixel 4a).

I’ve not tried throwing the phone at the floor.

I’ve been using this phone and drone for over 18 months, and never had any issue after any ‘upgrade’.

Anyone have any suggestions (other than Litchi)?

Kind regards

Have tried an older version


Hi. Yes, but still crashes before I can read any error message. Ideally I’d like to find the dmesg error, not that I’d understand it, but at least pointing to a possible incompatibility.

I even switched it off and on!

When you are installing an old version what version is it? And you have to be careful it’s auto updating straight away

Install with no internet or data

I have the same problem & its with the same phone. Started doing it today. Done all of the obvious things clear cache, uninstalled. Download from the website. Havent tried a older version thou. Running 1.6.9 currently

Hi. I ended up making sure I’d backed up all the photos and WhatsApp messages, then did a factory reset blitz.

During the restore, I deselected restore apps, and then in the play store, have selected apps that I actually use.

I then downloaded the APK for the latest version and it runs OK. (AND I now have 80gb of space).

Good luck

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Will give this a try tomorrow. Cheers :ok_hand::pray:

The Mini 2 has not had any app updates since 1.4.2 other than the expo stick adjustments which I think was 1.4.8

I have found that 1.4.2 is the most stable

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That sounds a bit extreme, just to fix one app.

Do you think it was your phone that was at fault?

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I’ve unlocked my mini 2 using the drone hacks app, to be honest since then I’ve not updated anything and having no issues at all. Sometimes once it’s working good why update it?