DJI Fly app not installing

So, I dis have the latest version installed, but then installed the drone tweaks fcc version and deleted the official dji fly. I have downloaded the official version again this morning as I’m having some glitches with the fcc version and wanted to do some tests. The app downloads fine fro DJI website but it gets halfway through the install when I get the error, app not installed.
Anyone have any ideas? I’m still using the same tablet

Android, I take it?

Have you deleted both apps, then rebooted, then installed just the DJI one?

Which is…?

And are you downloading the same very soon of Fly as you previously used?

Or are you downloading the latest and this is the first time you’ve tried this version on this tablet?

Yes android sorry. I have deleted the original fly app, but not the drone tweaks which is working fine apart from loosing the video feed.

Huewai mediapad m5
It’s whatever the latest version is on the dji website, which was running fine just a month ago

Did you try this?

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Uninstall the fly app, delete the DJI folder

Install version 1.4.2 from here

Then follow these instructions to stop the auto-update

This is the best and most stable I have found for my MediaPad M5