DJI FPV Chasing Parrot Disco

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, this was the first time, so took it easy in Normal mode.
I set the Disco into loiter mode, it was gusty as you can see the Disco getting buffeted.



Wouldn’t trust the other two with me to fly my Disco….:rofl:

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This is exactly what I’ve been meaning to do with my Disco. But rather than loiter my intention is to send it on a repeating waypoint mission and attempt to orbit it with one of my freestyle quads.

I can only do this when my flying club is devoid of the superstitious crowd as flying two models at the same time will see me being burned as a witch.

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I flew it around for our local BBC man in the club to test his filming skills with his 5” quad. I’m still waiting for the footage which he filmed on his GoPro.

If I remember correctly one needs to pay Parrot to enable waypoint flights? Is this still the case?

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Unfortunately yes. When I purchased the option I think it was £20. They pulled the same stunt when they released Freeflight6 for the Anafi but shortly afterwards they reduced the price to 99p. I don’t think they’ve done that for the Disco though.

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