DJI FPV Drone and new battery issues

This is more of a PSA.

I’ve been seeing many reports on the DJI forum as well as other social media platforms about a significant problem concerning batteries for the DJI FPV Drone. As far as I can tell this might be limited to batteries supplied with the Fly More kit but I can’t confirm this.

Users are reporting that they are unable to arm the quad with batteries supplied with the Fly More kit (two batteries and charging hub package). As usual the DJI Rep’s in the official forum have gone quiet on this matter, and users whom contact DJI support have been left with suggestions that are clearly formulated from the school of Clutching at Straw’s.

However I can easily recreate this problem with my FPV drone by connecting it to a bench PSU set to deliver a 6S Voltage. This points to an issue with the battery’s built-in Battery Management System circuit. The battery data is provided to the drone via three tiny contacts that can be found on the battery connector between the two power poles. If the drone does not receive this data it will refuse to arm. This is true of any drone that uses the same BMS technology.

This is obviously a manufacturing problem and probably restricted to a specific product run. Which product run and range of serial numbers DJI have not published. The point of sale of these faulty batteries includes, but not limited to, DJI Direct, Amazon, B&H Photo.

So f anyone buys a new FPV Drone battery and experiences the same issues know it’s not your drone that is at fault but rather it’s a fault with the new battery.

I’m monitoring the various threads and I will update as and when DJI acknowledge the issues.


Thanks for bringing this up @Nidge.
I bought mine not long after you did and so far have not experienced any issues with my fly more kit.

However, should it happen at least I’ll have some idea what’s going on.

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Hi Howard.

When I bought mine I purchased the two extra batteries individually as I intended to use one of those Yx chargers, unfortunately the one I received was faulty and was sent back and they’re now very thin on the ground.

Looking at the responses from DJI to those having this issue I’m lost for words as how they can claim customer support. I’m seeing suggestions from them to calibrate the IMU, calibrate the compass, refresh the drone’s firmware, in fact everything but admit there’s an issue. One person was asked to send his battery back for a replacement, and the one he received back had the same issues. Another tried three different batteries all with the same issue, though the one supplied with the drone was fine.

We’ll see how things develop.

Sounds pretty crazy. I bought the fly more kit separately but fortunately no issues so far.

It seems like they are clutching at straws sadly.

Lets hope they sort it out

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I also purchased a separate fly more kit so have 4 batteries in total, don’t fly that often with it to be honest but so far no problems, will keep an eye on them from now on though.

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I think you should be fine as they’ve already proven to be working. The issues are with brand new out of the box batteries being used for the first time.

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I have just sorted a return of one of my batteries, esp. as @Howard78 had his issues. They wanted serial number, checked date, and sent the posting information. Whatever we say abotu DJI, boy their support is top notch. Even said I could buy care refresh for it (despite normal rules being 48 hours after activation!), and I got mine in may!

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They have got better. At onetime they used to insist on you sending a video showing the battery not doing anything🤔

Glad you got it sorted mate. I’ve still yet to try out my replacements.

They’re almost apple esque with their service which is impressive and one of the reasons I have lots of apple products

Nah they better than apple “Oh our batteries are crap come and have it swapped by one of our “experts” (what do they call them?)”, friend takes their iphone to an apple store, and they say nah… We lied… F apple, DJI better :wink:

Their Genius Bar. Must be my smooth talking.
They’ve managed to sort my problems out every time without issue

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I bought the DJI FPV Drone and Fly More kit in Nov. 22. 3 batteries and no problems. I bought a fourth battery last week and whenever I plug it into the Drone I receive and error message in the goggles that its not a DJI battery, but it clearly is… I can see the cameras stream out of the goggles but i can not take off. Is this what your talking about? and have you found a fix? I called DJI and they said send it back. But I think it’s a software issue not the battery… thank you…

Are you fully upto date on firmware

Yes, I did updates, even downgraded and re upgraded. Still message Non-DJI-Battery. After calling DJI they said that the know about this problem and that it is rare. I sent the battery back to Amazon for a refund then I’ll have to reorder a new one.

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I think this was a manufacturing issue concerning a batch of batteries that were sold through Amazon. It was quite an issue Stateside about a year ago with many faulty batteries being sold via Amazon. It’s quite likely some of these batteries eventually made it to our shores.

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