DJI FPV Drone Charging Station

I’ve been working on this idea for a way to charge and keep everything together for at home and while out flying.

At home it will fit a shelf space where all one needs to do is connect the mains and everything is charged.

Once the batteries are charged you simply disconnect and turn them around in the caddy to indicate they are charge and ready.

The TX simply sits on its mount which has a type C built in and starts charging.

The entire module can also serve on the road charging via a 12V to 240AC inverter, saving having to buy more batteries.

The module will be in ABS+ for durability, I’m hoping there will be enough interest on here to order a batch as I only have one printer.

I’m looking for at a minimum 10 orders which will be discounted for Greyarro members.

I haven’t put this on the for sale / wanted thread as it all depends on the interest or the lack of on this forum.

If you’ve been thinking of buying an extra battery or two hold fire and drop me a PM…

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Nice setup @Njoro :+1:t2:

I don’t think we have ten members with the DJI FPV drone though :thinking:

I don’t either but worth a stub in the dark…but I’ll still advertise 10 for sale elsewhere though…:grin:

I’ll be a DJI FPV owner on Wednesday :astonished:


You’ll love it

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I can honestly say it’s the best FPV kit I’ve ever had, you’ll definitely want three batteries as you can’t get enough of flying it.


Yeah bought the FPV combo + the 2 battery& charge station and an extra goggles battery.
Anyone use the AirData app with the FPV?

One or two :blush:

How does it sync? With my MA2 I have it side loaded to my SC. And on my Spark & mini 1 it was on my phone.
I take it just by my DJI login through the goggles?

Set up is all via DJIFLY on your phone tablet it’s a good hours job, that’s where you log in to your account etc, allow a good hour for this with all the updates etc.

To sync the Airdata you have to connect your phone/tablet to the goggles after flights and the logs will sync with the app then Airdata as normal, it takes a while though for it to kick in when you do it, the only issue is that everytime you connect to the app the FCC hack, if you are using it (it does make a huge difference)


I know you’ll want one of these eventually as a portable charging station, good for indoors and outdoors…:wink:


yup, put me on the list for one :+1:

Send me a PM with your address …:+1:



Out exercising the drones…took the charging station as we have a large generator for the clubhouse…

Now I can take my time while out and about with the FPV drone. The charger will also charge the Inspire batteries too otherwise I’d have got the 120W boot charger just for the FPV drone.


Looks great, I came up with something similar that sits in a battery bag as I’m endlessly paranoid but the DJI gear is the only gear I plug in to charge and walk away.

Out of interest what is mounted or being carried under your drone?

Which drone? as there’re 2 in the above pictures but none of them have anything attached to the bottom.

The first, is that the drone hardware beneath the props then?

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