DJI FPV Fly More Combo, Hard Case and loads of extras [SOLD]


Having to accept limitations via my age (69 a week ago), the commitment to 3 grandchildren, having a 42 years old son with severe learning and physical issues still at home, and the current pandemic all adding up to reduce my spare free time, it is with great reluctance that I have come to the decision that the DJI FPV kit I’ve amassed has to go to a new home.

It’s originally approximately 16 months old, never been crashed or damaged in any way, having been flown approximately 30 times by myself and the original purchaser. Since purchasing the kit with a PGYTech hard case (in which it has been securely stored within a smoke free home) and a few extras I’ve added a few myself the whole ensemble is as follows:-

Boxed DJI FPV Combo (extra batteries, multi charger, extra set of props),
DJI Motion controller (in addition to the ‘standard’ one in the kit),
‘Sunnywise’ protective silicon covers for both controllers,
Goggles lens protector housing the 4 aerials,
Additional single strand elasticated headband (in addition to the one with the kit),
Holder and short cable for the goggles battery (attaches to the headband),
‘Freewell’ set of 4 ND filters,
Dedicated cases for the two sets of propellors,
Dedicated prop guards (for the wusses!),
DJI arm bracers,
Stick extenders for the ‘standard’ controller,
Two different DJI foam padding sets for the goggles.
All the original boxes.

I’m a great fan of this forum and want to give forum members first opportunity at acquiring this extensive, pristine, kit. I have sold on here before (once) and I feel that @macspite would confirm that I take great care with my kit. I’ve no idea how much this would cost new (and this stuff is ‘like new’) but currently on FleaBay something similar but not as extensive as mine recently sold for £1450 and another for £1210. My asking price for the lot is £1100 - if there are no takers then, reluctantly, it may have to go to FleaBay or sod it, I might keep it (it is bloody good fun to fly - so immersive) and sell the Mini 2 Fly More. Pictures? Here’s a few -

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Yes, I bought a “used” Air 2 from Barry.

I received an as new aircraft with all accessories (some still wrapped). The Air 2 has performed faultlessly. The price we agreed, after a quick DM exchange was very fair - or probably in my favour :slight_smile: The well-packed parcel arrived very quickly. All in all it was a very pleasant transaction.

If this was eBay then the feedback would be a full five stars in every category.

On a personal note, Barry, very sorry to hear that you are looking to sell and totally disagree with age being a limitation - you are only five months older than me!

My asking price for the lot is £1100 - if there are no takers then … I might keep it (it is bloody good fun to fly!

I would suggest you keep it although at your asking price it is a bargain, I don’t think you will be holding on to it much longer :frowning:

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Thanks for those kind words Rob. Much appreciated.

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Now listed on Ebay. :unamused: :cry: :sob:

SOLD - but not through Ebay :grinning: :grinning:

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