Dji fpv hack after new firmware - Range Issue

My hacked dji fpv range doesn’t seem as good as it was after firmware update

Hi and welcome @fred

A couple of questions, what did you use for the hack, and more importantly why did you update the firmware?

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And which version of the firmware are you on now?


Update because I want to get the new o3 unit updated through dji assistant 2 and hack with beyond and ham file

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Update yesterday not sure the firmware number I downgrade back to old firmware because of bind issue but ragne still is not as good as it was [shows more channels but definitely doesn’t have the ragne]

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What drone? Is it the Avata?

Dji fpv racer

So you have updated the Googles not the drone

Googles FPV racer v01.04.0000

Whats New?

  • Added support to use the goggles with DJI O3 Air Unit
  • Added support to use Canvas mode with the googles when using DJI O3 Air Unit.
  • Optimized prompts when using the goggles in some scenarios.

Check out Mad Techs video, i would recheck the settings and the Ham file

He made a new vid saying it looked like they work but actually don’t work as good and that range has been effectived

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You got a link

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Found it

The lesson here is never update if running a hack

We say this all the time

You should have rooted the Goggles first :scream:

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Had 2 I’m getting the new 03 unit

Do you think I can pay drone hacks now and get it done that way ps I want to get rid of the Goe locks 2

It should be ok as the hack is on the drone not the goggles

and the bird map confirms that you just need to downgrade the drone firmware to apply the hack