Dji fpv impaired vision

Right, I know this is a dumb question, so here goes.
I only have sight in my right eye. Can I still use fpv goggles and would I get full field of view through that one side?
Thought I would ask before going down the fpv route.
Thanks all.

Search here for “focus fixers”.

I would say yes.

When I adjust the IPD setting I alternate between each eye so I can see the full view in each eye.

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I have a bad left eye. I have noticed with my EV300O goggles that once I have the IPD adjusted to show all the screen that in fact the left side of the screen is only visible to my left eye.

I have no idea whether this is an issue with all goggles. Luckily I can focus the left eye sufficiently to compensate in my case.

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I would say yes too, there is a lad I know who was born with one eye, he does not fly drones, but he could spot detail better than I could, when I ever want to take a photo I close one eye to get that shot :slight_smile:

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