DJI FPV Ludicrous props - Captain Drone review

Captain Drone’s review of MAS’s ‘Ludicrous’ props for the DJI FPV


Gonna give them a try me thinks, pretty colours

Master Airscrew Ludicrous Propellers for DJI FPV - Orange, 4 pcs


Damn those DJI FPV Drone props are pricey, can get 6-8 sets of 5" props for that lol the MAS props do look great quality though and I guess they dont need changing as often as standard fpv props

Yeah loads of reports of failures with after market props .

I have the motor converters just haven’t put them on for this very reason :frowning:

Really? Thats not good :grimacing: At least you know you can count on the MAS props. Worth the extra cash for peace of mind :+1:t2:

Same for me. I’ve got loads of props but don’t fancy it falling out of the sky.
It seems these could be a good if not expensive middle ground.

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