DJI FPV not connecting to goggles after repair

Dear all, I have looked but couldn’t find anything relevant. My FPV is back from the Drone Doc looking new. However the goggles display a black screen with ‘No Transmission’. I searched online and only find how to do the initial linking. ie pressing and holding the power button for 5 secs till it beeps etc. It didn’t beep. I also pressed the red button on the goggles till they repeatedly beeped but that also didn’t help.
Drone Doc only asked for the drone and the controller - not the goggles so that’s all I sent in. They test flew it etc so that would all work.
If any of you have an idea I’d be really grateful to hear it! Humble thanks in advance.

Hook it all up with a phone attached and the Fly app open it should prompt you to bind everything back as at it should be

Bang on the money - thank you milkmanchris! It’s funny how the mind works as I had thought that would DEFINITELY NOT be the solution as Drone Doctor had test flown it and so it just did not seem logical. Hey ho, when will I learn?!
Thanks again!

Yeah no worries, they flew it with their goggles most likely