DJI FPV virtual flight

Hi everyone
I am having problems with the sim not working. I am trying to run it on a iPhone 12 Pro with the goggles and controller. It starts up fine but glitches after a few seconds into it and keeps asking to retry.
I have done the search about it, but could only find stuff from early 2021.
I took my DJI out for its first flight today and it scared the s##t out of me😀.
I thought I would fly it around in normal mode without the goggles over my eyes to get a feel for it, practising pressing the pause button etc. well since the pause button is also the return to home button, I hadn’t realised to only took a very short press for it to activate :thinking:
So I see the drone turning towards me, thinking to myself what the hell is it doing I didn’t do that did I !!! Did the penny drop about the RTH. Nope did it hell.
I am panicking trying to turn it around again and wondering why it won’t maintain altitude. Many many things where going through my head​:laughing::laughing:
Do I try and grab it out of the air and risk my fingers before it flies off , because it’s obviously doing it’s own thing. NOT
I am an idiot and that’s the problem. By the way I do have other drones and have flown them.
So I would very much like to get some practice on the Sim before I try again.

Sorry should have said it’s a DJI fpv

I’m sure there’ll be people that will be able to assist - just a bit quiet today - bank holiday and all that.

Tagging @group-dji-fpv :fu:

Not got a DJI FPV but after watching this video I have downloaded the sim to my iPhone as it is free and you can use the touch screen to fly the drone

It may help you

It’s an absolute bitch to fly the sim with only your phone. Good luck with that.

As far as the other stuff goes. I can’t help you. I have not had the problems you have. I got mine out of the box. Charged turned it on and flew it like I had nicked it.

The sim (I only tried it for about 30
minutes while I was waiting for the drone batteries to charge.) I got bored with it and decided to wait for the real thing.

Sorry can’t help you :grimacing:


imho, I personally found the simulator useful for manual mode and getting used to the HUD

Not the easiest thing to use without the controller, gave up after about 5 minutes.

Did you use it with the goggles and controller?

Where are you @Daza ?

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Northern Ireland

Yes. I used the goggles & controller. Used it to practice manual mode & crashed a lot of times

Thanks Christian, this gives me hope that the DJI vIrtual flight app works. I will give it another try later.

Something else occurred to me, if I did manage to engage RTH why didn’t the drone fly up to the preset RTH height of 50m
It just turned around towards me and started flying towards me, also worth mentioning the drone was only about 10m away from me. I know on my mini 2 RTH won’t engage unless you are more than 20 m away.

Hi @Daza

I don’t think you’re the only one having issues with the sim on iOS. Since the last update many others have complained about very similar issues.

Personally I wouldn’t bother with it anyway as the very brief use I had with it left me feeling it wasn’t truly representative of the actual flight. If you’re prepared to spend a little money I would recommend the PC FPV sim “LiftOff”, available to download from Steam. This is an out n out FPV simulator and now has the DJI FPV Drone as an option, along with a whole library of other quads and multiple flying environments. Your controller will work with the sim, just plug it n using your USB cable, but unfortunately your goggles will not unless you use a HDMI to composite video converter.

I can’t help with the RTH issue I’m afraid as I haven’t used that feature yet. In most cases if a drone is less than a specific distance from you and you engage RTH it will just land where it is. I will have to check this out for myself when I next fly mine.

Who is this group? Why am I not in this group? I only licked that window once… ok twice then but my invisible friend assured me no one was looking.

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Hi I use both the DJI FPV drone & the Virtual Flight Sim.

Your 2 issues are probably not related.

There has been a problem with the virtual flight sim since last IOS firmware update by Apple - we are all waiting for DJI to come up with a fix!

The DJI FPV drone is great - but rather an expensive choice for learning fpv - you’ll want to spend a fair bit of time on a sim first - there will be crashes! - A cheap analogue quad that you can destroy while learning would be my choice - eg betafpv cetus.

Also, try velocidrone or DRL sims to get used to fpv controls - it’s not like a Mavic

BTW - if u pull the throttle all the way down - the drone should go into landing mode if you are in beginner mode.

Thanks Nidge
I will look into lift off, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of info on the DJI FPV RTH feature out there. If I did manage to hit RTH, the UAV didn’t act the way I expected is all.

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Thanks Fledermaus
From what I can gather the sim hasn’t been working for quite a few months which is poor as it was a major selling point for me.
Is the sim purely for acro mode as I was just going to try it in normal or sport mode. Really just to get a feel for flying with the goggles on. I do have a few other DJI drones .
Also I definitely will get a cheaper drone if I want to learn acro, but for now I am just looking for the fpv experience.

Hi Daza,
The DJI Virtual Flight Sim has Normal, Sport and Manual (Acro) modes the same as the drone - so it ‘was’ quite good for getting to grips with the different controls - hopefully they will fix it soon - as it is the only one (that I know of) which works with HD goggles.

I have just tried the sim using a PS5 controller, seems to work ok this way

don’t know if its any use or not but might help