DJI Geo fencing. How long do people wait for permission

As a new flier who lives within a Geo fenced zone in Northern Ireland. I am really frustrated by DJI taking over a day and still waiting to respond to requests to give me permission. I have numerous places I could practice but they are locked down because of Belfast City Class D airspace. I fly a Mini 2 so permission should not be an issue. Is this normal :frowning:

Class D should not affect us drone flyers

Have you thought about Drone Hacks for your M2 ?

@TristantheDog I found they responded within 15 to 30 mins when I needed unlocks during the Farnborough Airshow in the summer. Can you DM me a location and I will check what is different about it compared to my location?

Or share a DroneScene link here for the benefit of all

Had a look but would be wary as I’m only new to this and the drone is still in warranty. Also I would not be happy that the height restriction would be removed. :+1:

You can set that still to 120m (don’t forget out of the box it will go to 500m with no hack).

DH is worth it alone to remove DJI’s stupid restrictions.

Many people have had warranty claims sent back to Holland with the hacks in with zero issues

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Thanks for that reply. I’m a cautious old man so I’ll put on the maybe shelf for now. However if I don’t get to grips with the DJI system I will definitely have another look at it👍

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