DJI Go 4 app questions

Yes back with more questions :upside_down_face:

I’m almost ready to get off the ground I have been doing what most people do and watching lots of YouTube videos with helpful hints and tips.

I have been looking at lots of settings on the Go 4 app.

when i make changes and then exit the app it seems to go back to the original settings ?
Do i need to be connected to the controller and drone for the settings to stay put or am i missing something ?

Just using my Iphone 11



What he said

The settings are stored in the aircraft, not the controller or phone

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Okay thanks guy’s this is all helpful and to be honest the forum does seem to be a super friendly helpful place to be :hugs:

Nice community going on for sure.

Maybe with some luck and calm weather I should get a flight under my belt tomorrow.

More questions will follow :rofl:

All the best

Post the results