DJI GO4 App wont sync flight records

Here is a DJI GO4 App question

Im going around in circles with this and Mr Google suggests its a common problem but doesn’t provide any answers.

I generally use my iPhone XR or iPad air whilst flying with the DJI GO4 app loaded on both and logged to same account. Usually I simply sync both devices when I get home, doing the device I flew with that day first and they both end up matching each other.

However now I am getting a sync failed notice on both devices so I have flights on my iPad which are not showing the little cloud in the corner of each flight record to indicate they have uploaded and therefore the devices do not match.

I don’t want to go down any routes that may delete the flight records before I have a chance to upload them into Airdata UAV or extract as much as I can manually for my PfCO records.

I wonder if any one else has had this problem now or in the past and if so if there is a procedure to follow to correct the failed action.

The percent sync indicator counts to 99% before failing. I have submitted a ticket to DJI and await feed back from them also.

Secondly is this a common problem with DJI apps failing and are there better Apps to fly my Mavic 2 Pro with that will let me get at detailed flight data?

Thanks in advance

Are you running an outdated version of GO4?

Can you get at the logs through a file explorer and copy them off manually?


Many, many threads already in place for that though, try a quick search for more info.

Just up date the latest one dont
Update them all you may find you have a priority device

I have an update

I knew that all devices were on the latest version and neither of them were updating correctly.

I didn’t want to uninstall and re install in fear of losing data so I left it for the evening.

Any way next day it was all working correctly on both devices so I can only suspect there may have been an issue with servers on DJI end.

Who knows?? Any way thank you for your input.

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Wouldn’t be the first time!

This other thread also had the exact same “fix”, ie. try again another day :slight_smile: