DJI Go4 v4.2.21 (Android)

Seems this has been released in the last couple of days.

They don’t say much about what’s changed other than “Fixed map layout issue.”

I wonder if that’s all that’s changed. :wink:

Out of interest, I just went to look up the change log on the iOS version of GO4, mainly to see if it revealed any more information.

It was then that I noticed iOS is at v4.2.22 since 29th June.


DJI release different versions on different platforms, at different times?!

I always knew this was the case for the CrystalSky - but for mainstream devices?! Seriously DJI?!


And FYI, the iOS change log is equally as :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: vague!

Yay DJI :fist:t2:

I kind of get different sub-versions for different platforms where they are fixing platform specific issues. No point “pretending” there’s a new version on Android when there’s actually no changes.
I guess, every so often, they apply some changes that impact both platforms - and then they jump to a version that has the same identifier on both.
Might explain some “missing” version numbers (Android).