Dji Goggles 2 Foam Mod

This morning after contemplating, I decided that since the Dji foam is completely useless, there was no point in not trying this mod and if it doesn’t work they’s always the anticipation of the new one to be released at some point by Dji.

I just haven’t been able to fly comfortably and without my eyelashes rubbing the lenses and smudging them.

Having bought the after market foam which is thicker and does keep my lashes away from the lenses, I took the bezel of the Dji face foam.

It’s worked a treat, the only snug is the Velcro strips glue isn’t man enough to not pull away.

I’m now thinking of using some UHU to glue the form permanently.

On the other plus side of things, I can breathe as normal by adjusting the third strap.

I’ll leave the goggles tight on the manikin to see if the Velcro strips glue will hold later, otherwise I’ll glue the bezel to the foam.


Looking a bit pale Lance, you need more sun fella ;o)

Have you printed the Misses’s head :joy:

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Instantly laughed and let one go at the same instant…getting old too….:rofl::rofl::rofl:

Glue curing…

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Left it overnight to cure, it’s a perfect fit now, Crystal clear image and most importantly no eyelashes smudge.

He who dare’s sometimes wins…:rofl:


Job complete with a very basic lens protector…

One of the reasons what put me off the 3rd party foam, but now, I think I’ll give this a go. Looks good :+1:

Unfortunately I forgot to take a crucial picture after removing the foam.

The bezel has lugs all around which I cut away with a surgical knife then ground them off with a Dremel multi tool ball ended engraver bit.

The Velcro strips are useful for lining up the foam, by applying them to the bezel first then offering the foam centred using the lenses.

Pressing the foam down hard to ensure the hooks get a good grip, gently pull the foam back off which it should come away with the Velcro tabs.

Now you’ll see exactly where to UHU on the foam, l left the Velcro tabs in place, applied UHU on them too they are now useful to lineup the foam back to the bezel.

I used plenty of UHU on the Bezel and Foam.

To lineup the foam the bezel first needs to be replaced back on the goggles remove the head strap, lineup the eye cutouts with the lens, lineup the Velcro tubs to the bezel channel, check all around, once happy, gently align all the tabs, press down hard.

Ideally a manikin head to mount the goggles onto to compress the foam hard to ensure the glue is in full contact all around. I had to stuff bits of rolled up kitchen towel where I could see gaps between the foam and manikin’s head.

It really has transformed the goggles, adjusting the focus now reveals the discrepancy before and after.
-4 / -4 now -4 / -2 as per prescription.

My facial structure is such that pressure around the cheekbones causes my eyes to blur, having a third strap means I can adjust and lift the goggles to relieve pressure on my cheekbones.

Everyone’s different but this mod for me is a game changer,.

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Thanks👍, brilliant instructions @Njoro.

I have some 3m foam around at the mo which does the job really well. When the weather turns, hopefully not for the foreseeable, I’m gonna give it a go whilst the Avata is grounded :+1: