DJI Goggles, what's the difference between black and white?

I’m tempted to get some Dji goggles but not sure which ones. The white ones are £299 and the black Race editions are £449 but are they worth the extra £150? I never fly the drone far so not that bothered about the range difference. Any advice

I have just got my dji white goggles connected after a lot of hassle with the correct firmware needed to pair them up with the m2p. Not used them properly yet, but I’ll let you know what they are like.
After reading the difference between them both, I would only get the race edition if I was using them a lot.

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This has been a question on my mind too,
The black re goggles I believe have different functions than the white,
I was going to order them with the kit but decided to wait a while and get used to the rig il be flying first and do more research.

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Are you likely to fly anything else that’s not DJI FPV, if the answers is yes then go for the RE if not go for the RE.
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I’m sure I’ve forgotten something…:nerd_face: