Hi all, just seen dji ground station Pro for ios is this still supported ? anyone use this was thinking for my ipad or are there any alternatives, thanks

They did update it around 2months ago which is quite remarkable for DJI.

While the App was in development DJI were making wild claims that it would support the Naza M V2, A2, and Wookong, flight controllers via the LK24-BT Datalink as they had dropped both the PC software and the iOS software. Unfortunately this never happened.

The iOS App still works with the Datalink but it has the most ridiculous NFZ’s ever implemented. Recently I’ve been playing with UcGS (Universal Ground Control System). This is a very advanced utility geared more for the professional career pilot and is subscription based. However it can be used without subscription with some features disabled. One unique feature is that it can swarm across platforms. I have successfully used a Pixhawk equipped quad and a Phantom2 cooperatively. It supports all the DJI range including legacy drones back to the Phantom 2

Website is: