DJI i2 carry case Mod

So sometimes I just need a quick flight without the hassle of taking everything with me. Last night I took the plunge and hacked away, the i2 case became redundant after the propeller upgrade.


The modification…

Upside down test…

Now back in it’s original case…


I did something similar to my GPC ruck sack :scream:

But agreed, life is just easier when stuff has been modded, eh? :slight_smile:

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I also just noticed this @Njoro

Been meaning to do something similar on my i1 due to the X5 :+1:t2:


I used closed loop wire from Hobby King, I had some somewhere but couldn’t find but found it on the same day the Hobby King order arrived…lol

Yes Rich.
I have 10 batteries but only ever need 4-6 for a hobby flight and without the X5S I get long enough flights for quick fix.

Oooh there’s no turning back once you’ve started :woozy_face:

Too right…:grin:

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