DJI Inspire 1 hacks - How to remove NFZ, Height Limits, modify flight parameters and increase maximum speeds


@bob I’d hold off updating the firmware - unless you desperately need to (eg. to install a Z3 camera patch).

What firmware versions are you running currently? (you can find this in the About section of GO4)

You can pick and choose just which elements you want to alter and tailor a firmware build to your own specification :+1:t2:

I’m guessing you’ve read both Part 1 and Part 2 of this guide?

In Part 2, when you’re editing the parameters in Notepad, you simply edit only the parameters you want to modify. So in your case, you’ll edit just:


Then continue working through the rest of the guide.

I’m not sure what you mean by “distance from controller limit” but I think you might be referring to a GO4 app setting, rather than a firmware parameter here? :thinking:


thanks for your help!
so i just open the relevent file and change the line of code to


sorry i did not realise that there was two parts!

presumably you change the flight distance limiter in the app then?
thanks again!


No, that’s the parameter you need to look for within the file you’re editing.

You’ve read the guide above, right? :thinking:

Well, there’s three (the third being how you then flash your modded firmware back on to the drone) - scroll up :blush:

Yes mate :+1:t2:

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Thats great thanks
I will try it out tonight…
one final point…
is there any risk involved?
…and will it make the drone harder to fly? (i am a beginner)


Yes, of course :slight_smile:

If you’re only changing the height limit then no, you’ll see no change in flight behaviour.

However, if you start to delve deeper and modify other parameters then yes, you will very much notice a different :slight_smile:

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thanks for all your help!!


Great write up!
Is this procedure still working effectively?

I have an Inspire 1 Pro and I’m currently on FW
I use both the X5 and X3 cameras. I assume that if I select the Inspire 1 Pro FC550 and have the X5 camera attached to do the flashing, my X3 camera will still work fine and the modifications will still be in effect?

Any new updates or suggestions before I try it?


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Hi @LennyS

Yes mate, there have been no firmware updates for the Inspire 1 for a loooong time now, so everything above is still valid :+1:t2:


I run two different cameras too, the only minor tweak I had to make was to re-flash using the Z3 camera as I needed a particular update applying to the zoom.

Please let us know how you get on?


Having some issues with the downloaded bin file not showing up in the tools folder. I followed all the steps through selecting the FW version to download. I chose for the inspire 1 Pro FC350. the cmd screen showed it was downloading the file and it only took a few seconds before the screen changed to the next menu. I followed the suggestion of checking the tools folder to verify that the downloaded bin file was there. There is NO file in the tools folder. I even ran a search on my drive and couldn’t find it.
Any ideas?


I have all the FW files that i’ve previously downloaded from DJI. Is that all I need to put in the tools folder?

Next question. I was reading about different parameter settings to remove nfz. I saw them on the dji retroms site. Their settings were different then the ones in your guide. Have you removed the nfz from your inspire 1 using just the settings in your guide?



I believe so :+1:t2:

Yes mate :+1:t2:

Retroroms wiki is often out of date, especially for older equipment like the Inspire and CS :confused:


Ok, so I got as far as the Extracting FW part. When I type 1 in the menu to extract the downloaded FW, I get the following error;
File “”. line 41, in
from Crypto.Cipher import AES
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘Crypto’

After that, the screen quickly goes back to the Mod Tool Menu.
The download of the FW to the “Tools” folder did work but the extraction results in the error and the FW file doesn’t extract.

I am running Python 3.7.3
Any ideas?

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The clue is in the error mate :blush:

This is an issue with your Python environment. Looks like the module simply isn’t installed?


pip install pycrypto

If that doesn’t work you’ll have to do a bit of research in to your environment, python support isn’t covered in this thread :wink:

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Hisssssssssssssssssss! :wink:


Thanks Ping Spike, I’ll keep at it :+1:t2:


I discovered that i needed to install crypto code which I did and now It appears to be working when I tried it using the Inspire 1V1 FW.

I actually have an inspire 1 Pro and have both FC350 (x3) and FC550 (x5) cameras.
I normally fly with my FC 350 (x3) camera and when i tried using the option for the Inspire 1 Pro FC350 FW download, the FW description shows FC350Z . FC350Z is the Z3 camera.

I want to do the mod on my Inspire 1 Pro with the X3 camera attached using FW

Do I select Inspire 1v1 or Inspire 1 Pro FC350 (which shows up as 350Z)?


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I have successfully made it through all the steps and will be flashing the new FW file to the drone shortly. Just charging up a battery. If all goes as planned I will go out and flight test asap.

Thanks again PingSpike




No worries mate, thanks for keeping us updated, always good to hear the success stories :+1:t2:


After the successful flashing, I powered everything up.
The changes I made were,

  1. NFZ removal- Result= NFZ zones still showed up on map and I received a warning that I was in a enhanced warning zone and needed to check some boxes to acknowledge I was legal to fly there.
  2. Height restrictions removed. Result= The height limit settings now showed 20m~10000m. I could change it to 600m or even 10000m and it would prompt me to acknowledge I can fly that high which i clicked “agree”. The new number appeared but as soon as I exited the menu, it resets itself back to the original 500m (normal for us version)
  3. Raised max speed settings- haven’t tested yet.

Any ideas or thoughts?