DJI Inspire 1 hacks - How to remove NFZ, Height Limits, modify flight parameters and increase maximum speeds


@bob I’d hold off updating the firmware - unless you desperately need to (eg. to install a Z3 camera patch).

What firmware versions are you running currently? (you can find this in the About section of GO4)

You can pick and choose just which elements you want to alter and tailor a firmware build to your own specification :+1:t2:

I’m guessing you’ve read both Part 1 and Part 2 of this guide?

In Part 2, when you’re editing the parameters in Notepad, you simply edit only the parameters you want to modify. So in your case, you’ll edit just:


Then continue working through the rest of the guide.

I’m not sure what you mean by “distance from controller limit” but I think you might be referring to a GO4 app setting, rather than a firmware parameter here? :thinking:


thanks for your help!
so i just open the relevent file and change the line of code to


sorry i did not realise that there was two parts!

presumably you change the flight distance limiter in the app then?
thanks again!


No, that’s the parameter you need to look for within the file you’re editing.

You’ve read the guide above, right? :thinking:

Well, there’s three (the third being how you then flash your modded firmware back on to the drone) - scroll up :blush:

Yes mate :+1:t2:


Thats great thanks
I will try it out tonight…
one final point…
is there any risk involved?
…and will it make the drone harder to fly? (i am a beginner)


Yes, of course :slight_smile:

If you’re only changing the height limit then no, you’ll see no change in flight behaviour.

However, if you start to delve deeper and modify other parameters then yes, you will very much notice a different :slight_smile:


thanks for all your help!!