DJI Inspire 2 - buy or consider alternatives?

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re all doing well. Recently completed my PfCO course and waiting to hear back from the CAA (another post on that later).

My plan is to use the drone for commercial filming.I was looking at the DJI Inspire 2. My concern is that it was released in 2016 and with the new EU regulations taking effect later this year, is DJI likely to release a new drone? What would you do?

The price is eye-watering when you add it all the bits together, I’m open to other suggestions, what other drones do you recommend?

Thank you all in advance

My understanding is that with the new regs coming in the “Legacy drones status” will only add 2yrs use (beyond Law intro date) to any present drone after which it won’t matter who or what you are or training Certs you have you won’t be able to use it within 150mts of buildings or people Q how long a life do you want your huge purchase to have :thinking:

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One that is significantly better than the Inspire 2 you mean? And/or offers a better camera than the X5 or X7?


But such things already exist in the DJI line up, such as the DJI Matrice 600 with a Ronin-MX:

Where do you draw the line? :man_shrugging:

Other makes of professional equipment also exist don’t forget :wink:

You’d also need to consider:

Imagine how much it might cost for say an Inspire 3 with a Zenmuse X8 if they released such a thing?

It’s all tax deductible though, right?

And you’d soon make the money back if you’re doing it for a living :thinking:

Budget, probably, will determine where that line is?

Drawing the line above one of these would be fun! Expensive fun, but still fun. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hover mower? Hedge trimmer? Or maybe both? Which is it? :thinking: :wink:

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what sort of commercial work do you envisage doing?

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That may also help determine where the line is :slight_smile:

If you are doing any television ,film or adverts you will need more than one drone
not good if you turn up to a location that’s been dressed and there’s 70 odd crew there and they only have a couple of hours to do the shots they want , and your drone throws a wobbly and you will need a load of batteries and two controllers and two crystal skys and a shed load of data cards even with Inspires you probably looking at 20 odd grands worth make that more with x7 cams
and even more with a matrix , the drone in the picture @OzoneVibe posted was 80 grand

That’s good to hear! My concern was to buy the drone and find out in July that it doesn’t meet the criteria and can’t be flown. 2 years is about the same as a laptop, the drone situation may also change so two years is a decent lifespan.

My concern was a new drone compliant with the new regulations would be released around the corner. Sounds like even with the DJI Inspire 2, it can still be used for two years after the regulations come out.

Now that’s a big bit of kit! :sunglasses:

What do you recommend?

I’ve got a couple of video projects I’m keen to explore and general videography whether that be weddings or corporate work. Seeing the kit the pro’s use for filming, I’m a long way away from that side of filming :joy:.

I think an inspire would be fine prob with a mavic2 backup should be future proof for a while, people are still using phantoms for commercial work