DJI Inspire 2 buying advice needed

Happy new year! I hope this summer will offer better flying weather than the last…
I’m looking to buy a second-hand DJI Inspire 2. Does anyone have any advice or is there something I should look out for?
Can anyone tell me if the Zenmuse gimbal can be left on the drone when in it’s peli case or should it be unmounted?
Many thanks to anyone who could chip in.
Best wishes and good flights to all!

Leaving the gimbal attached will depend entirely on which case you use. Some are deep enough to store in Flight mode, some are shallow and will need Travel mode storage.

In terms of what to look out for, just be aware that the I2 is four years old now and it won’t be getting any love (ie. firmware updates, support, etc) from DJI. Parts will be starting to get hard to find. Batteries too (if they haven’t already all vanished). It uses the GO4 app (also theoretically EOL) and the flight times are only 20 minutes.

For the cost of a second hand Inspire 2 and X5S with all the trimmings you could get a Ford Fiesta or a brand new Mavic 3.

Unless it’s just for curiosity are you sure you want to invest?


The Mavic 3is apparently a great piec of lit once the firmware is debugged / updated.

The Mavicdoesn’t hav a micro Four Thirds sensor or a range of interchangeable lenses not is it (I believe) capable of being flown in 2 pilot mode (pilot and dedicated camera operator). The images it produces are broadcast quality.

't looking for ultimate image quality theBut yes, if you want a decent camera and a capable airframe and aren’t looking forultimate quality the a Mavic 3 or Air 2S may well be moreusuable in terms of size and ease of flying.

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Thank you both for your useful replies. It’s given me pause for thought although the comparison to a Fiesta stopped me in my tracks!
It’s frustrating there’s no serious rival to DJI and the competitor with a mid-size drone seems to be the Freefly Astro but they charge a surreal $700 a battery and it needs 2 to get airborne!
I will take a closer look at the M3 although I’m just not convinced. And, for what it’s worth, although the I2 is cumbersome to transport, the added security in having a second battery should one fail, ATTI mode and better ascent and descent rates and increased stability on windy days are so far what appeal to me. But the price!
Anyway, many thanks again!

You can get much of what the I2 offers with the !nspire1. Same caveats apply the app is end of life, batteries are becoming hard to find but image qualite is great and they are great fun to fly. And the prices aren’t too insane.

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There is a inspire 2 with case and three batteries filters and other bits for sale on Facebook marketplace for£1900 near Norwich but I have no idea about them

If you want true cinematic footage (as in wide dynamic range across all lighting conditions) then the only way you can get that in a DJI model drone is with the Iinspire 1 2 series with Zenmuse camera systems. Other than that you are looking at RED, Sony, ARRI’s slung under a hex or octo copter. If you are after good to broadcast footage then the new Mavic 3 will do the job but it’s sensor camera system actually is not that brilliant where dynamic range is concerned.

As someone has already posted the parts for the Inspire series are getting very hard to find so you need to do some research on all the parts and try and get a second hand kit or package that includes what you need.

Note: the earlier statement that batteries for the I2 will be hard to find is absolutely not true. The I2 battery system is being incorporated into DJI’s terrestrial camera systems and will be manufactured for at least another 5 years. But the batteries ARE expensive

If you can get a kit that has all the elements you require it will give you the ultimate results but just be aware you are looking at series money with the lenses, batteries, monitors, controllers and digital video storage transfer systems. A 1TB video storage unit Is not obsolete and readily available but will set you back (new) around £1700 inc VAT.

It’s the difference between Pro and semi Pro. The Inspire UAVs are DJI’s pro systems that match ARRI Alexas used by film companies so just be aware of what you’re getting into. I work in a film company with a complete I2 kit with spares and extras and over two years the outlay on the gear is around £18k. So do a lot of reading and research is my advise before making the plunge.

I’d demand to see the DJI registration to the seller before doling out any dosh… :thinking:

Many thanks. Not sure what Njoro means by DJI Registration…?

Thank you for your interesting reply. Interesting to know the batteries will continue to be produced and also v interesting the camera matches the Alexa which I didn’t know. I’m a cameraman and use a Mavic when needed but find it too limited. Also the sound guys usually have one so they get asked. That said, you are right - the expense is significant even when buying second-hand. To add to the confusion I read an I3 may be launched in sept this year which may influence the prices on Ebay. Many thanks once again.

Every new drone is user registered with DJI when being set up for the first time. The registration data provides proof of legal ownership. You don’t want to spend money on a knock off or stolen property; certainly when you’re talking about a system that can cost the price of a car.

Njoro - Do you mean sales receipt? I have been asking when contacting the sellers as I need to know how old it is incl hours flown. It is also good to know that it’s not stolen.

The sales receipt is a must have too if he claims to have bought it new, He’ll also be able to show you he’s the registered owner via his DJI account.

The sales is locked to the serial No of the aircraft, when I bought mine I drove up to the chaps house, got him to log into his DJI account and cross referenced his name, address and serial No online. We then went out and I flew the Inspire, tested RTH, GPS, Sport Mode, Atti Mode, Camera controller, reviewed all the batteries condition, checked for cracks, nicks, and any damage.

He replaced one battery via DJI support as it was not accepted by the drone, irrespective of which side it was plugged into.

If the seller is unwilling to accommodated the above, walk away, my suspicious mind says that no one has 3 batteries, the inspire needs matched pairs to fly, so a minimum 2 matched pair.

I’m more than happy for you to tell him I’ll come with you to check it out and to test fly it to the CAA, BMFA standard. If he declines, walk away.

When I bought mine, the seller and I had to wait for the bank transfer before he let me load it into my car.

My Inspire had 4Hr flight time on it, I’ve still got it and absolutely love flying it, I didn’t do the most resent update nor the last but one which restricted how fast it will fly.

Just thought I’d mention that not all I2 models encode the video stream to PRORES or CINEMA DNG. Those functions only work if the licenses have been purchased unlocked and tied to the serial number of the I2. If you want those encoding features you need to verify with the seller that the relative licenses have been unlocked and are included.

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Hi, many thanks for your input - I’m aware of this. I wonder if this license will be transferable if and when the I3 is released, supposedly autumn this year. Not holding my breath on that!