DJI Integra Goggles - Registration question

I am hoping that someone ma be able to shed some light on a registration question. I spent almost 1hr in ‘chat’ with DJI but if I had watched paint dry I may have seen the answer appear.

Ok…Some background. I have the Avata with the FPV goggles and also have the Mavic Mini 3 Pro. Recently I upgraded the MC to vers 2 only to find that there were incompatibilities with my version of the Goggles. Adding insult to injury DJI then provided a firmware update to allow the MC2 and Goggles (not the FPV goggles) to be used with the Mavic Mini 3 pro. I tried to find out if DJI would offer a FW upgrade to those users such as myself but was told to keep checking the DJI site. To be honest I am doubtful if such a FW upgrade will be made available as it would affect the sales.

Does anyone know if new goggles are region specific for example if the Goggles were purchased in Spain would it make any difference that I am in the UK. Are the goggles usable without registration or would it flag up when I connect either by UK purchased Avata or Mini 3 Pro. I feel a bit hacked off as do many others my Avata purchase was 3 weeks before the MC Vers 2 release and not much longer than the MM3pro purchases.

Thanks in advance for any info

Hi there,

I bought Integra goggles from Flywoo (shipped from China) & they connected fine and registered no problem.

I got £60 credit from DJI to upgrade to motion controller 2, look out for an email from them as you may get same.

Hope this helps, let me know if you need any more info.


That’s great thanks for your reply, I have the MC2 with the Dji credit. I have found the goggles brand new for £490 but wanted to make sure I want going to have any issues incase they were imports. Your reply has confirmed my hopes. Thank you

No worries…enjoy the goggles!