DJI - Introducing the P4 Multispectral


That looks cool, IF your a farmer or botanist.:slightly_smiling_face:

Some of our members do work in agriculture.



I haven’t looked but any idea of cost?

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Nope - just saw the YT after I got a notification.


It’s a P4 RTK under the hood so £4,200 is the base machine, and a Sequoia multispectral camera is around £2,500 these days, so you’re looking nearly £7k? (ex.vat)

DJI are seriously late to the game here though, NDVI cameras have been used on drones in ag for years now :man_shrugging:

Just read some of the comments on that YouTube link…

Going to use that in my back yard to check on my flowers

Now looking into buying a farm so I can buy this

Apple:we have 3 cameras
DJI: hold my beer

Brilliant :rofl:

Anything I grow tends to die - I’m sure one of these would only advise me of that fact days/weeks earlier. I prefer to live in the belief they may live for a few days longer. :wink:

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Multispectral? Pish. We had a briefing at work on hyperspectral drone imaging just a couple of weeks ago.

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Sometimes I wonder why I post anything ….


How many cameras does a hyper have?! Is six not enough :scream:

And perhaps more importantly, what does a hyperspectral camera reveal that a multi doesn’t? :thinking:

Multispectral only captures data for specific wavebands outside the visible spectrum. Hyperspectral captures much more detailed wavelength data for every pixel; the additional data allows for much better detection of different vegetation types etc. HS2 Ltd did hyperspectral aerial surveys, but I suspect these were from manned aircraft. I’ve no idea what it means in terms of camera types!

See Multispectral vs Hyperspectral Imagery Explained - GIS Geography and Hyperspectral imaging - Wikipedia.

But look at the interest it aroused


So be good idea to get a spare!