DJI Launch Event 11th June - what’s your guess?

Just seen the teaser clip for the next DJI launch event titled ‘Learn to Win’ with a date of 11th June

What’s your guess as the the next DJI product - looks something totally new and large?

This YouTuber has some clues

And then I found this, but is it a spoof?

Well, the Camera definitely looks like the Hasselblad 1/2" on its gimbal.

YTs reckon it has a 120 fov, which is pretty wide!

It’s clear … they are finally going to announce the fix for the bug in spherical panoramas! (Currently always over-exposed.)

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That’s one hell of a hardware fix if so @mfc :rofl:

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Could be they have an eye on the future, when only delivery drones are allowed in the air and we’re all grounded :wink:

V2 of this maybe? :rofl:


Only needs a software tweak … other panos are fine.

My children had one of those, may still be in the loft?

Possibly worth a small fortune now, especially if in good condition etc

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Thet did a remake a few years ago, still available

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They also launched this monster today …

what time is the big event suppose to take place (our time)?

So whose going to be the first to buy one, for their children / grandchildren of course! :rofl:

Not me, I haven’t got any !, YET !.


I hope to god that I don’t hear about one at Heathrow? Lol’s


Think that it is a ground based robot,on wheels.:wink::wink:have seen a price of $499 being guessed at on a couple of youtube channels. could possibly be tempted,for the kids ,of course!!!:wink::rofl::rofl:

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What I mean not on the runway?

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Expanding their base of products in case the consumer drone market takes a crash dive…?

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Actually, it does look like a bit of fun …