Dji M2Z Battery question

Just a question for the M2P/Z user on here regards the battery. When I set the M2Z up to fly as recommended the RTH is set to a percentage of the batteries remaining power so the battery is never fully discharged. There was a problem with older batteries when they were not fully discharged that had a problem with the memory in the batteries. i take it that this is not a problem in the new modern batteries
or has anyone experienced any problems with regards to this.

I set @30% never had.a problem with that


Lipos dont suffer the same memory effect of older tech like NiCd batteries.

Lipos can be damaged if over discharged and it’s usually catastrophic if your drone runs out of battery hence the safety margins.


With my MP, about once ever 6 months I set the critical battery level to the lowest setting, and fly all three batteries right the way down - then recharge them all.

After almost 3 years I still get very close to the original flight time out of each battery.


Thats sounds like a good idea will give that a try, always remember back to the memory problems with older batteries I appreciate technology has moved on.

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