DJI Matrice 300 (M300 RTK) - But how well does it cope with the rain?

It says it’s IP45 rated:

  • Protected from tools and small wires greater than 1 millimeter
  • Protected from low pressure water jets in any direction

That’s what the specs say. But, as I recall. the Matrice series had a bad rep for failing in wet conditions even though the operators thought they were in limits. As an ex diver I know that there is sometimes an expectation of things which isn’t borne out in practice - warches rated at 200m waterproof are good for around 50 meters in practice. They are tested under static conditions, divers move their arms!


Watched the release on Heliguy.
It’s got an overall mass weight of 9kg with a payload of 2.7kg.
They said “at this time we don’t have a release price.
I think if I sold all of my drone and camera equipment and my car I could possibly afford the deposit lol.

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I’ll let you sell my wife and dog to put toward it if you give me a go when you get it :wink:


Sod that!, I’d give him the wife and dog !.

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Apart from the IP45 theyve moved the ESCs from under the motors to inside the body. The ESCs getting wet was the cause of some of the problems.

Tagging @freetail in to this thread.

Looks so much like a upside down m210 from a glance :joy::joy::joy:

I was also on the Heliguy intro feed - some nice features but the on the few vid shots that were shown, the blades seemed to be in shot when flying - didn’t like that.

I did like the fact that the quad could lose a blade in flight and still land under control.

Heliguy should be getting the full kit in the next few days and then start adding some vids and answers to question they couldn’t answer at the time.

Apparently there’s nothing to prevent the props going on the wrong motors.

Shouldn’t take long before smashed up ones are on eBay and you can get all the bits to build a perfect one for very little money.

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Shit,you would need a bloody mortgage to get one of those!!! Nice drone though :grimacing: :rofl: :rofl:

I can’t see that it’s got a C classification anywhere so could be redundant in a couple of years under the EASA regs unless things change again. Mention of £25k for drone, cameras, batteries etc on the Coptrz webinair so I guess it’s likely going to be public bodies and very big companies buying it.

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Hey guys. Have just taken delivery of my M300 RTK. Believe it is the first purchase in the UK (first order from Coptrz who were the official DJI launch partners). Unboxing tomorrow and flying this week. Will post on YouTube.

If anyone is interested in using it for a commercial job, I’m happy to supply free of charge (you insure) on the basis that I am involved and able to gain some on site experience from established operators.

Has H20T and flash light + 8 batteries

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